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Most congested cities in Germany: Stuttgart again congested stronghold

Most congested cities in Germany
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S tuttgart was Germany's traffic jam capital back in 2013, but was then replaced by Cologne in 2014. In 2015 the two top runners swapped places again, so that Cologne is now back in second place with 71 hours of traffic jam, closely followed by Karlsruhe, which in 2015, like 2014, held third place.

Germany is stuck in a traffic jam here.

Munich with congested road

The two worst traffic jams in Stuttgart are the B27 between Olgaeck and the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen triangle and the B10 between the Pragtunnel and Stuttgart-Ost. In the ranking of the most time-consuming traffic jams in Germany, these sections of the B27 and B10 are in fifth and seventh place. Motorists waste over thirty hours of their time on these routes on a distance of five (B10) or nine kilometers (B27). The slowest progress is Friday around 3 p.m. on the B10 and Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. on the B27.

The Mittlerer Ring (B2R) in Munich remains the busiest road in Germany, on which drivers spend an average of 93 hours Stuck in traffic jams.

Stuttgart also does well internationally when it comes to traffic jams

For the third year in a row, Germany ranks third among the busiest countries in Europe in 2015, with drivers in this country stuck in traffic jams for 38 hours . Only Belgians (44 hours) and Dutch (39 hours) were stuck in traffic jams longer in 2015. Four German cities are in the top 10 busiest cities in Europe. The European and global traffic jam capital is still undisputed London with a downtime of 101 hours. Stuttgart follows in second place with its 73 hours. Third was tied with Cologne Antwerp with a queue time of 71 hours.

Stuttgart is also doing well in the international traffic jam competition. In frontthe Swabian metropolis are Los Angeles (81 hours), Washington D.C. (75), San Francisco (75) and Houston (74). Stuttgart is on par with New York (73).


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