Mormon Meteor Concept

Mehdi Alamdari
Mormon Meteor Concept
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D he 1935 Duesenberg SJ Speedster - called Mormon Meteor - and driver Ab Jenkins were an unbeatable duo in their time. On the Bonneville salt flats, Jenkins chased the meteor to an hour record of 150 mph and a 24-hour record of 218.2 km /h. The latter was only broken 26 years later.

Mormon Meteor Concept Design is very modern

The Speedster, based on a Duesenberg Model J, was drawn by Herbert Newport and built by Duesenberg. A real beast slumbered under its long bonnet. The eight-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 6.9 liters was pressurized by a mechanical compressor. Compared to the series, the output has been increased from 320 to 400 hp. The Meteor was later converted to a 26-liter V12 aircraft engine with 750 hp.

In 2004 the Mormon Meteor was auctioned in Pebble Beach for $ 4.45 million, then extensively restored and subsequently won numerous awards.

Fascinated by the Mormon Meteor, designer Mehdi Alamdari created a modern version of the record-breaking car. However, Alamdari only adopted quotes from the original model - the rest of the design comes across as a modern sports car. The Airdomes behind the two seats and the radiator grille with the adjacent beads can be found on the Concept. The designer has interpreted all other shapes relatively freely.


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