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Morgan Junior EV: Electric tricycle for the young

Morgan Junior EV
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W he big brother EV3 is also the junior EV completely handcrafted manufactured. The Junior EV also uses a body made of carbon fiber laminate, a real wood dashboard and a hand-sewn leather interior.

16 km /h fast, up to 16 km

The electric motor accelerates the Morgan Junior EV to a maximum of 16 km /h, and a reverse gear is on board. The other features include a functional lighting system. The Morgan Junior EV can be charged in 4 hours from a conventional socket. The range is up to 16 kilometers, depending on driving style.

The Junior EV is recommended for children from 6 years of age. But the parents still have to step in as team bosses, because the Morgan Junior EV costs at least 7,995 pounds (around 9,250 euros), including a 12-month guarantee. The Junior EV is only built to order, so almost every customer request for color and equipment can be taken into account.


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