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Morgan AR Plus 4: Stronger than ever after 65 years

Morgan AR Plus 4
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Vom Morgan AR P lus 4 only 50 copies will be issued, all of them by the Morgan Motorsport Division are manufactured. Motorsport also provides the keyword for the unique motorization of the AR Plus 4. A two-liter, four-cylinder vacuum pump inflated by Cosworth rages under the long, slotted hood. With 225 PS, it is stronger than any Morgan four-cylinder before it.

Modern chassis for the Morgan Plus 4

So that the aged construction can also bring the power to the road, the chassis was modified. The braking system has been upgraded to disc brakes all around and four-piston calipers. The chassis relies on fully adjustable spring elements. The leaf-sprung rear axle has been replaced by a modern 5-link construction, and the final ratio has been shortened. 225/55 sports tires on 16-inch rims keep road contact. The headlights and taillights in LED technology set new light signals. The dashboard has been redesigned for the AR Plus 4. The new rear diffuser accommodates the double tailpipe of the exhaust system.

The Morgan AR Plus 4 at the Silverstone Classic Festival 2015. Prices for the Roadster start at 54,995 pounds, the equivalent of around 78,000 euros.


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