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More safety: Volvo only drives 180 km / h and watches its drivers.

Camera surveillance for safety at the wheel
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V olvo is known for its comprehensive safety philosophy. Most recently, the Swedes caused a stir with the announcement that from model year 2021 no Volvo should run faster than 180 km /h. From this point on, all new cars of the brand will be delivered with the electronically programmed speed limiter, which cannot be removed for an additional charge. 'If someone wants to zigzag on the motorway quickly, then he should rather drive a different car than Volvo! We want to be attractive to people who care about safety!', Emphasizes Volvo boss HÃ¥kan Samuelsson. The background to this measure is the development called 'Vision 2020' by Volvo, according to which no one should be killed in a new Volvo model as of 2020.

A Volvo knows that he is in front of a school, an old people's home, a Hospital or kindergarten, it automatically reduces the speed. Because 'everyone has to be safe!' Explains Jan Ivarsson, Deputy Director of Volvo's Safety Center.

In addition to the new safety systems, Volvo has also announced the new Volvo models and vehicles from the E- Subsidiary Polestar to switch to the Android operating system in the future. The first Volvo with Android will be the electrically powered Volvo XC40, which will celebrate its world premiere in the second half of 2019.


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