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Moove podcast: Battery researcher believes in compostable batteries

Moove (30): A. Hintennach, battery research Daimler
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How exposed is Germany really when it comes to battery cell research? Not at all, emphasizes Prof. Dr. Dr. Interview with Andreas Hintennach. And the 36-year-old Swiss knows pretty much what he's talking about. He is responsible for battery cell research across the Daimler Group. Hintennach works with his teams on answers to questions that will not be asked for ten to 15 years. This is about functional features such as range, efficiency, fast charging or the price. His latest research project: a battery with organic cell chemistry. It does not contain any rare earths or metals and is therefore completely compostable. Waiting until bio-batteries to start buying the first electric car is going to be tough. The technology still needs at least a decade of research and development.

The important thing here is to look beyond all possible margins. This is why the highly decorated researcher has a very simple explanation for his spectacular collection of titles: 'I just always want to know exactly how something works!'. Hintennach did his doctorate in chemistry, medicine and economics. In a new episode of MOOVE, the New Mobility Podcast from auto motor und sport, you will hear how battery technology will continue in the next few years and why Germany is a very well positioned research location in the field of battery cell research. It appears every two weeks on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and everywhere else there are podcasts!

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