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Mobile phone at the wheel action day: Nationwide police controls

Mobile phone at the wheel action day
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D he police are increasingly checking whether drivers or cyclists are using their mobile phones while driving. The motto of the campaign is “Safe. Mobile. Life'. With 3,200 controls and a large contingent of 11,000 police officers, people are to be made aware of the underestimated dangers of these and other distractions at the wheel, reports the Tagesschau. The officers check not only drivers but also cyclists and pedestrians - for example in pedestrian zones. The day of action is coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior in Saxony-Anhalt.

Distractions are diverse

In Germany, distraction is currently not recorded as a cause of accidents. According to traffic experts from the University of the Police in Münster, statistics from other European countries and international studies show that a lack of attention is partly responsible for more than half of the accidents.

Distractions at the wheel are not the only things that result through cell phone use. Looking at the sat nav, in the rearview mirror to the children or at the infotainment system is also a common distraction. Cyclists and pedestrians exposed themselves to great danger with loud music on headphones and looking at the mobile phone screen.

Caught - these are the fines

The catalog of fines sees a penalty for using a mobile phone at the wheel of 100 euros plus one point. If this is associated with a hazard, 150 euros, 2 points and a one-month driving ban are due. If property damage occurs, the fine is increased to 200 euros. Cyclists who use their mobile phone while driving have to expect a fine of 55 euros.


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