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Mobile Internet: Peugeot models with mobile network access

Peugeot offers mobile internet
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D With it, four devices can go online at the same time, the company in Saarbrücken announced. The mobile hotspot works both when stationary and while driving. Passengers can surf the net with a laptop or smartphone while traveling, for example. The box is available for the models 207, 308, 3008, 407, 5008, 607, RCZ, Partner and Bipper.

Internet box costs 339 euros

The wifi box costs without installation according to manufacturer information 339 euros. Peugeot drivers can order the device from participating contract partners and have it installed. The WiFi box is installed in the luggage or interior, depending on the model. This includes a USB stick, which the driver equips with the SIM card from his internet provider and which he uses to go online. If internet access is needed outside the car, the driver can simply take the card with him.


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