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Mitsuoka starts in Europe: the Japan roadster is coming

Mitsuoka starts in Europe
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For starters, however, only the M itsuoka Roadster from the model range. It is a 160 hp hardtop two-seater for around 74,800 euros. The move to Great Britain makes sense insofar as the Japanese manufacturer has already launched some models in the look of Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Rover and Co. on the market. There seems to be a certain affinity to our neighbors on the island. The manufacturer himself attributes a 'sporty British design' to its roadster. In addition, the Japanese Mitsuoka models are also right-hand drive.

Mitsuoka Roadster in pearl effect paint

The surcharge list reads particularly smoothly, as there is only one option: the paint finish in metallic or Pearl effect for 620 pounds or 862 euros. Otherwise, all extras such as heated leather seats, automatic air conditioning and various stability programs are standard equipment. Not even the six-speed automatic transmission costs extra. The same number of gears are also available for manual shifting.

In our picture gallery you can see the Mitsuoka Roadster, which will soon be available in Great Britain, as well as the other - rather unusual - creations from Japan.


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