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Mitsubishi Outlander recalls: driver assistant holds wall for car

Dino Eisele
Mitsubishi Outlander recalls
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M itsubishi is calling around 1,000 Outlander vehicles throughout Germany in August back to the workshops. With around 10,000 models across Europe, significantly more are affected.

Light reflection on the tunnel wall can lead to incorrect braking in the Outlander

The Outlander recalls in model year 2013 are two different problems: On the 425 Outlander, the control unit must be updated for a driver assistance package. As Mitsubishi explained to auto motor und sport , there is a risk that the radar of the adaptive cruise control system is irritated by light reflections on the tunnel wall and interprets it as the vehicle in front. As a result, the brakes may be triggered incorrectly.

On 640 other Outlander models, the electronic power steering control unit must also be replaced. Problems with voltage monitoring can lead to power steering failure.

Official recall via the KBA

Mitsubishi has become aware of reports from vehicle owners in Japan. Mitsubishi is not aware of any accidents or similar incidents. Both cases are official recalls via the KBA. The affected vehicle owners will be informed. The service campaign takes about 20 to 25 minutes and is free of charge.


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