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Mitsubishi Outlander in New York: SUV with a new design language

Mitsubishi Outlander in New York
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S o like him, or at least something like that, should in future all new Mitsubishi models look like, because with the revised Mitsubishi Outlander, the Japanese in New York are not only lifting the cloth from the refreshed SUV, but also from the new design features that will determine the brand look.

More dynamism for the Outlander

The front is emphasized by curved chrome elements that extend from the bumper corners to under the headlights, and a lot of chrome in the radiator grille. Also new are the front apron, the front fenders, the headlights - optionally also with LED technology - and the LED position lights. The new Outlander has redesigned doors on the flanks, and the 18-inch light metal trim is also new. The viewer recognizes the new rear by the new LED lights and the new apron.

In addition to the optics, the noise insulation, the chassis and the drive trains have also been further optimized on the Outlander. Overall, the Outlander should not only appear more dynamic, but also be more dynamic to drive.

The interior of the Mitsubishi Outlander is enhanced by a new steering wheel, a new infotainment system, new surfaces, new applications and upholstery fabrics. The optional third row of seats should now be even easier to fold down.

The standard equipment has also been extensively upgraded for the US market.


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