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Miss Tuning Calendar 2016: Liane poses with tuning cars

Miss Tuning Calendar 2016
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On 13 glossy pages, photographer Max Seam has staged model Liane and styled tuning cars at Berlin's hot spots. If you want to get hold of the new Miss Tuning Calendar 2016, you have to hurry, the calendar is limited to 1,500 copies and costs 25 euros including shipping ( h order here ). If you want to see the pictures beforehand, you should click in our photo show.

Miss Tuning 2015 beckons photo shoot in Berlin

There were 20 beauties for the Miss Tuning 2015 election who were in a first selection process out of over 500 applicants. From April 30th, 2015, it was time for the girls to give their all. It only got really serious for the Miss Tuning girls on the penultimate day of the tuning fair (May 2, 2015). In a preliminary round, eight candidates were sent home, the remaining candidates fought for the Miss Tuning crown on Sunday.

They had to win over the jury and the audience on a catwalk. The 12 remaining girls had to pose in three designs: evening wear, beach outfit and “sexy streetwear”.


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