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Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg gives diesel sales tips

Diesel cars in Baden-Württemberg
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A On the website of the State Ministry of Transport you can read about the future of diesel cars, which will not be allowed to drive in Stuttgart in the event of a particulate matter alarm from 2018, among other places: is expected. These are, for example, all of the new federal states, but also North Baden and South Wuerttemberg, in which limit values ​​are already only slightly exceeded. Therefore, one cannot speak of an expropriation of the affected vehicle owners. '

The Bundestag member Thomas Bareiß, who heads the CDU district of Württemberg-Hohenzollern, called this in the newspaper' an absolute cheek '. Other local CDU MPs also voiced massive criticism.

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) told the SWR that it was a 'malicious misinterpretation'. The website only wanted to address the argument of depreciation and to point out that diesel drivers who would have to accept a financial disadvantage in Stuttgart can sell their car elsewhere. 'We have no interest in the Swabians deporting their cars to Baden,' says Hermann.

The corresponding passage on the homepage has meanwhile been corrected.


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