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Minister Hermann: & # 34; Autonomous driving means emasculating the driver '

ams Congress 2015: Transport Minister Hermann
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'Autonomous driving is the emasculation of the German driver,' said Hermann with a wink at the a uto motor und sport congress on Thursday (April 9th, 2015) in Stuttgart The minister expressed astonishment that the The auto industry wants to replace the joy of driving with piloted driving. 'The Google concept is doing away with driving with pleasure on the left side of the autobahn.'

Making driving safer

Hermann is not surprised that many drivers are skeptical about assistance systems. The driver wants to do a lot himself. Most of them could park and therefore wondered why there was a parking assistant. Hermann advised the auto industry to replace the model of autonomous driving with the goal of making driving safer. 'I would therefore trigger a benefit debate.'

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To the assembled auto executives appealed Hermann to worry about that, what assistance systems from For reasons of safety, it should be installed in the cars as quickly as possible. Hermann named pedestrian detection combined with an emergency stop assistant as an example of a useful safety technology is coming. “

Hermann doesn't believe that autonomous driving will soon dominate the streets. 'We need 25 years to introduce the toll. We need 35 years to build a train station in Stuttgart.' Autonomous driving will not come within a few years either. 'When people and contradictions come along, everything takes a very long time. 'At the turn of the millennium, Daimler announced that all new cars in 2015 would have fuel cell drives,' Hermann recalls. 'And where are we today?'


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