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Mini Roadster Seat Rehearsal at the Detroit Motor Show: Forget baseball, hats off

Manuel Hollenbach
Mini Roadster seat test at the Detroit Motor Show
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Let's go, the next mini-round starts. Yet again? The Countryman is spreading in the metropolises, the style popes are still arguing about the design of the coupé and nobody really likes to think about the Countryman coupé. And now this: the M ini Roadster.

Mini Roadster promises fresh air fun

But why not? Little roof, little windshield and few seats - in its minimalism that actually sounds logical. Despite the more inclined and shortened windshield, the upper frame doesn't knock even tall open-air friends on the forehead, but promises significantly more fresh air in the still oversubscribed cockpit than in the four-seater convertible. In addition, there are the well-known lively engines, even the 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine with 122 hp should put you in a good mood, especially the supercharged John Cooper Works. And its snotty exhaust sound ...

Mini does not yet trust a diesel variant, but an automatic transmission does. In addition, the two-seater can even be a bit practical, after all, up to 240 liters of luggage fit in its trunk. Even the hatch was retained after the roof surgery, which is due to the fact that the coupé from the Roadster and not the other way around, but comes onto the market in the reverse order. Do not you understand? Never mind. Probably something to do with marketing. And Mini knows a lot about that, at least until now. Let's see how the Countryman Coupé is received.


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