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Mini Clubvan Concept at the Geneva Motor Show: haulage in style

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Geneva Motor Show 2020
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D he Mini Clubvan - more lifestyle for the craftsman? Hardly likely. The mini transporter is intended for customers who want to transport not only tools but also a corresponding image, such as art gallery owners, fashion designers, caterers or photographers.

Two seats in the Mini Clubvan Concept

You should also be interested in hard facts: At 3.96 meters in length, 1.68 meters in width and 1.43 meters in height the dimensions of the Mini Clubvan are the same as those of the Clubman, which is already in series production. Instead of five seats, the Clubvan only offers two, but the completely flat cargo space should exceed the 930 liter maximum volume of the Clubman - a feat?

The Mini Clubvan retains the five doors of the Clubman: one door each for the driver and front passenger, two side-opening doors at the rear and a counter-opening gate behind the front passenger door.

Mini Clubvan Concept in 'racing green' at the Geneva Motor Show

In the cargo area of ​​the Mini Clubvan Concept six fixing eyes embedded in the floor, so objects can be secured with tension belts. In addition, the driver and front passenger are protected by a firmly anchored partition grille. So that it not only ensures safety, but also a beautiful sight, the dividing element consists of solid aluminum in the lower part and silver-colored stainless steel in the upper part. The side walls and the floor of the load compartment are lined with anthracite-colored fabric, the roof lining is painted in the same color. From the outside, the mini-van appears in British Racing Green - British racing green; the side windows are sealed opaque in good delivery van fashion.

The Mini as a delivery van is not a new invention. In 1960, a year after the classic Mini was launched, the Morris Van hit the market. It was characterized by a wheelbase that was ten centimeters longer, a two-wing rear door and a closed cargo area. Only then did the Morris Mini-Traveler follow, the modern counterpart of which was christened Clubman. Today it's the other way around at Mini: First the Clubman, then the Transporter.


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