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Mini Beachcomber Concept at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show

Mini Beachcomber Concept at the Detroit Motor Show 2010
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M it is a radically open body concept that offers four seats under the open sky, the Beachcomber consistently focuses on maximum driving pleasure. Unlike its historical role model, the Moke, the Beachcomber rolls through the beach with four powered 17 inch off-road wheels.

Off-road look and all-wheel drive

In addition, despite all the openness, there is a narrow roof frame, a C and a D-pillar and small rear side windows , Connecting points for a fabric roof as well as roof elements and lightweight doors. This way, the open Mini can be quickly converted into a closed one. At the same time, the filigree roof structure serves as rollover protection.

The design remains the Mini very mini, pepped up with robust fender and side sill panels and a raised body, the four-meter buggy is also optically trimmed for beach use. The interior design should also be suitable for the beach. The rear individual seats can be moved lengthways and folded - this creates space for surfboards and other bulky items. Access to the cargo space is provided by a left-hinged, two-part door that can also be partially removed. A case in the form of a spare wheel is attached to the outside of the remaining door fragment, which can hold smaller bathing utensils.

The Center Rail as a docking station

In the cockpit of the Mini Beachcomber Concept you will find the classic central round instrument, enhanced with a navigation screen and various audio functions. Off-road additional instruments and loudspeakers can be found where otherwise ventilation nozzles are located. Additional devices can be attached to the so-called Center Rail, which extends from the dashboard to between the rear seats and serves as a universal docking station. Cell phones, MP3 players, cool boxes or additional light sources always find the right connection.


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