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Mini as a matter of opinion: Open-top driving in a convertible or roadster?

Karl-Heinz Augustin
A matter of opinion Mini Roadster and Cabrio
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Stefan Cerchez pro Mini Roadster

The most beautiful way to drive a Mini is well known Convertible. It offers a high fresh air factor, four seats and cuts a fine figure both open and closed. Since this spring the British have been affording the luxury of having their open 2 + 2-seater a two-seater R oadster aside. Why? Because they can! And they are so good at it that they quickly convinced skeptics like me of its qualities.

Two seats less? Free - Peter, when was the last time the four of you drove in a convertible? The Mini Roadster has no sunroof function on the convertible top ? Pah, I throw the little cloth cap back with my hand faster than you can lower the windows! In addition, the Mini Roadster offers - you hear and be amazed - the larger trunk, which is also more easily accessible.

Mini Roadster is sportier

The convertible in the classic mini design stretches its windshield so boldly into the wind that the driver and front passenger can expect the finest light and air shower. Bad for the hairstyle, but certainly a plus when it comes to 'being seen'. As an extra service, it also reliably reports any major faults in the road surface using a vibration alarm on the interior mirror. The flatter and stiffer Mini Roadster , on the other hand, loves the country road more than the boulevard - because there it shows what it can do: It maintains seismic composure even on poor terrain and, thanks to two hundredweight less on the axles with the same engine, offers subjectively more driving fun than the mini convertible.

One thing is clear: the Mini Roadster is sportier and more uncompromising than the four-seater - and therefore the better open Mini.

Peter Wolkenstein pro Mini Cabrio

Basically, I am of the opinion that there are too few open cars in reasonably affordable price regions. Alternatives to the Mazda MX-5 have become rare, as a fresh air fan must have a heartbeat when Mini now also uses its driving machine as a roadsteroffers - or not? If it were the only way to drive a Mini open, I would agree without reservation.

The fact that with my size (1.85 meters) the wind blows too tightly over my head and the windshield frame too deep into it The field of vision moves and the Mini Roadster looks closed, let's say it takes getting used to, I would accept.

Mini Roadster cannot keep up with fresh air shower

But why should I do that? The Mini is also available as a convertible. The steep front window is wonderfully far from my forehead. The fresh air shower is so intense, the feeling of sitting outside is more immediate than in any other convertible - the Mini Roadster cannot keep up with that. Its price advantage of 1,000 euros is praiseworthy, but only fair, because the roof construction of the convertible including the electric drive offers smart added value with the sliding roof function and also perfectly guarantees the classic mini line. Before I forego the mini convertible for price reasons, however, I settle for the 98 hp basic gasoline engine for 21,000 euros, which is not available for the mini roadster, which costs at least 22,600 euros.

Tempo plays for me Open cars are irrelevant, as is luggage space (there is space in the back seats for this) or even a bit more stiffness and agility. Bad luck for the roadster - it's great, but the mini convertible is extraordinary.


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