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Millions Recall for Jeep in the USA: Chrysler Resists NHTSA

Millions recall for Jeep in the USA
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C hrysler defends itself against the demand to call the vehicles from the model years 1993 to 2004 (Grand Cherokee) and 2002 to 2007 (Liberty) into the workshops.

Jeep models are safe and not defective

In a message from the manufacturer belonging to the Fiat group, says it, they have been working with the NHTSA since September 2010 and exchanging data. Chrysler does not agree with the NHTSA's decision and will not recall the examined models. 'The vehicles are safe and not defective.' Group boss Sergio Marchionne said they stand behind the quality of their vehicles.

According to Chrysler, an analysis has shown that the problem of fire hazards occurs extremely rarely. The probability is on the same level as other comparable vehicles that were produced and sold during this period.

Chrysler recall could damage image

It is unusual and rare that a car maker publicly and so aggressively against the American road safety authority NHTSA (Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Especially because manufacturers fear damage to their image after the major product recalls in recent years - such as with Toyota and the jammed gas pedal.


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