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Milan Red hypercar from Austria: sports car boss in jail

Milan Red hypercar from Austria
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W he Austrian 'Kronen Zeitung' reports that the managing director of 'Milan Automotive' and ex-racing driver Markus F. was arrested by the public prosecutor in Vienna on suspicion of serious fraud. There should be several advertisements with a total damage of more than one million euros. “Incidentally, the car model is no longer in the posh showroom on the Ring in downtown Vienna. It is said to have been withheld by a transport company because of outstanding debts, ”writes the Kronen Zeitung. Markus F. is said to already have seven previous convictions and could face up to ten years in prison if the suspicion against him is confirmed. In an initial interrogation, he denied the intent to commit fraud.

According to the article, the 37-year-old from Upper Austria presented potential customers for his exclusive Milan Red sports car at jet set events in Monaco, Milan or Abu Dhabi : Roadshows of the vehicle without an engine were printed on carbon fiber, F. had even launched his own champagne edition.

'The [ex-Magna manager, who was repeatedly brought into play as a volunteer project mentor; Note d. Red.] Sigi Wolf doesn't want to know anything more about Markus F. Also because the latter apparently named him as the guarantor for a large loan. ”

Milan Automotive GmbH
The Milan Red should be over 400 km /h.

The Milan Red also complained 1,325 PS a top speed of over 400 km /h for itself and refers to the bird of prey 'Red Milan' as the namesake. The brand logo was also derived from this. The chassis for the 4.74 meter long, 2.16 meter wide and 1.20 meter high Milan Red is based on a carbon monocoque with flange-mounted carbon crash structures and subframes. The body slipped over it is also formed from carbon fiber laminate. The wheelbase is given as 2.75 meters.

1,325 PS for over 400 km /h

Installed as a mid-engine, a 6.2-liter V8 powered by four turbochargers should deliver a full 1,325 PS and 1,400 Nm of torque. The drive torque flows exclusively to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. As mentioned above, there are three driving modes to choose from in the Milan Red: glide, chase and attack.

The stated performance values ​​are accordingly. The 1,300-kilogram Milan Red should achieve zero to 100 km /h in 2.47 seconds, the 200 km /h mark should drop after 5.46 seconds and 300 km /h should be reached after 9.98 seconds. The maximum speed is only reached beyond 400 km /h. The maximum lateral acceleration mentioned is 2.6 g.

99 models at a price of 2 million euros

A large front spoiler, a large rear spoiler with air brake function and a powerful one should provide the necessary liability reserves Diffuser ensure. The road contact on the front axle is ensured by 265/35 tires on 20-inch rims. At the back there are 325/30 tires on 21-inch rims. Braking is done with a carbon-ceramic brake system from Brembo with 390 discs and six-piston calipers at the front and 380 discs and four-piston calipers on the rear axle. The chassis with lift system and aerodynamic lowering is based on horizontal spring struts, with pull rods at the front and push rods at the rear.

A five-year carefree package with a flying doctor service was planned for the Milan Red that should take effect worldwide. All vehicles are subject to remote diagnosis with a notification service.

Only 99 copies of the Milan Red should be manufactured. The price was around 2 million euros. Allegedly 18 vehicles were already reserved at that time. All cars should of course be extensively customizable.


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