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Michael Jost, Head of Strategy VW: There is no alternative to electric cars

Moove (29): Michael Jost, Head of Strategy VW
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VW built more than ten million cars in 2018, most of them with combustion engines. And yet Michael Jost, head of the strategy department of the VW brand and the Volkswagen group, announced an end date for the development of combustion engines some time ago (2032). And he is certain that the group will sell more than a million electric cars by 2025. In the podcast, Jost explains why VW's commitment to battery-electric cars is irreversible, what the difficulty and what the chance is if it is no longer possible to think in terms of restrictions, but in terms of visions. Jost is also sure that the communication of visions only works with emotions. And although the 57-year-old would get up in the middle of the night to press the start button of a V12, he thinks electric cars are 'sexy'.

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