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MG T-models: the little man's sports car

MG T models in the service station
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' The MG T was the little man's sports car, which was also noticeable in the maintenance costs ', says Dieter Wagner from MG Car Club Germany. Wagner has been driving an MG TC for 40 years and carries out almost all repairs on his roadster himself.

But not everyone can or would like to carry out the service work on their MG T-model themselves. Quite a few prefer to seek advice or support from experts and thus benefit from experience for which some hobby screwdrivers had to pay dearly expensive expenses.

Small mistakes - big costs

The MG T -Model specialist Jürgen Deusch from Seelbach can immediately list a whole series of supposedly profane service jobs that cause problems if the necessary background knowledge is missing. Caution is advised when changing the V-belt on the MG T. The tension of the new belt should be set comparatively low, otherwise the alternator bearings will suffer.

If you suddenly notice increased oil loss on your MG T-model after changing the oil filter, you have probably screwed in the sheet metal cartridge too tightly the rubber sealing ring damaged. And when setting the valve clearance, it is important to have the right values ​​at hand, because there were XPAG engines with small differences and deviating setting values. Errors are even possible when changing spark plugs, 'because there were cylinder heads for plugs with long and short threads,' says Deusch.

Speaking of ignition: After a certain time, the breaker contacts and capacitor on the MG T-model have to be replaced , but you should always check the play of the distributor shaft, otherwise this work makes little sense. An oily distributor indicates such damage, then the distributor must be completely overhauled. A job for the MG T-model expert is the regular control and adjustment of the voltage regulator. If you set the voltage limit too high, you risk overcharging the battery.

You can make a lot of mistakes with SU carburettors

Maintenance of the air filter is no rocket science. This is an oil bath filter. The insert has to be washed out and then put back in with fresh oil. However, many have now converted to more modern sports filters. The maintenance of the mixture factory should not be underestimated. 'The SU is one of the simplest carburetors, but you can make a lot of mistakes,' explainsDeusch with a view to the adjustment of the float level or the synchronization.

One of the expensive repairs to the engine of the MG T-Modell is, for example, the conversion to a modern crankshaft seal in order to contain the problem of oil loss. But that only makes sense as part of an engine overhaul.

Important: Correct cooling and lubrication

It also becomes costly when a new water cooler for an MG T-model is due. Since this is screwed to the radiator grille, it takes a lot of time to solder a new network in such a way that everything fits together exactly afterwards and the bonnet of the MG T-model hugs the radiator grille exactly again. When it comes to cooling: In many engines, the inside of the cooling water thermostat has dissolved over time, so to speak, without the vehicle owner noticing. Many may see this as a welcome solution to cooling problems at high outside temperatures. But it is healthier for the MG machine to mount a more powerful fan blade instead.

The lubrication service is of course an important maintenance point on this rustic vehicle, which must not be delayed too long. In addition to various points on the MG T-model chassis, for example, the water pump or the alternator shaft also require lubricant. Unfortunately, the wrong lubricant is sometimes used, for example with the worm steering installed up to the MG TC, 'which some lubricate with grease instead of oil,' says Dieter Wagner, which in the long term damages the steering gear.

Typical errors in brake repairs

'A typical error in brake repairs is swapped brake anchor plates', Jürgen Deusch continues the list of the most popular mistakes. The parts look very similar, but due to the different arrangement of the wheel brake cylinders, there is no self-reinforcement when braking the vehicle moving forward.

We come to the chassis of the MG T-model. A case for the workshop here is usually a replacement of worn kingpins - a job that is not quite as laborious in the MG TD and TF models with front independent wheel suspension as in the traditional MG TA to TC.

The lever shock absorbers installed in all MG T models should always be filled with sufficient oil. But at the latest when what you put in comes out again shortly, a not very cheap overhaul of these parts is called for. No new parts are offered.

And if the rear of the MG T-model should get into trouble with load changes, it is advisable to tighten the spring clips on the rear leaf springs, which, according to Jürgen Deusch's experience, often loosened to have. But that is a very cheap and easy job.

Work and costs remain manageable

With a little know-how, an MG T-model can be includedwith a manageable amount of work and costs, even if you have to commission all the work. The neat spare parts supply for this MG, which still today deserves the title 'sports car of the little man', at least in terms of maintenance and servicing, has a relaxing effect.


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