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Merkel's mobility outlook: in 20 years we will only drive autonomously

Merkel's mobility outlook
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'We are the greatest risk'

B in a question and answer session after her general speech, according to the German Press Agency (dpa), Merkel let herself be carried away to make a bold statement about 'autonomous driving'.

A Student wanted to know how the Chancellor imagines the world in 20 years and what problems one would be confronted with. She mused that in 20 years the world would be “not that far away”, repeated general positions and opinions and then declared: “In 20 years we will only be allowed to drive independently with a special permit.” There would be autonomous driving. The reason for her prognosis that you can only drive yourself with a special permit: “We are the greatest risk”.

As a result, Merkel has never commented on the future topic of “autonomous driving” . You, the Research Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU) and Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) as well as the car manufacturers see the topic as a great future technology, while the drivers view independent driving with great skepticism.

Draft law on autonomous drive

Already at the beginning of January (January 25th, 2017) a bill on automated driving was passed in the Federal Cabinet, which should regulate the legal equality of human drivers and computers.

With the decided change of According to the Road Traffic Act, highly or fully automated driving systems should be able to take over the driving task independently in the future. Drivers who use these systems can then take their hands off the steering wheel during the highly automated journey, for example to surf the Internet or check e-mails.

Blackbox monitors driving events

With The law also stipulates that the driver must take control of the vehicle again when the highly or fully automated system prompts him to do so or when the requirements for the intended use of the corresponding driving functions are no longer met (e.g. with a burst tires).

In order to be able to prove whether the driver performed the driving task or the system in a certain driving situation, the use of a data memory ('black box') is prescribed.

The new norm for autonomous driving

By the way: Autonomous driving is already defined as a norm by the international engineering and automotive industry association SAE and divided into six levels. Levels 3 to 5 then subdivide what is understood as autonomous driving: Here it takes overMachine mostly supervised.


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