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Mercedes yacht from 2013: 14 meter long Silver Arrow of the Seas

Mercedes yacht for 1.25 million euros
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A n the yacht named ARROW460 is driven by two diesel engines that together produce around 960 hp. Orders for the yacht are already being taken at the Monaco Yacht Show, the price is a whopping 1.25 million euros. The motor yacht was developed and built by Silver Arrows Marine - the British company includes Martin Francis and Tommaso Spadolini, two experts in marine architecture. In collaboration with them, automotive designers from Mercedes designed the new yacht, trying to transfer the Mercedes design language to a boat with different proportions and requirements.

Mercedes yacht for day trips

Mercedes-Benz-Style and its design team are responsible for the exterior and interior as well as the use of space and the color combinations. Silver Arrows takes over the technical equipment and the construction of the Silver Arrows boat.

According to Mercedes, 'the motor yacht should be suitable for day trips with friends' but also offer overnight accommodation. In the front and side view, the yacht is made from one piece, high side walls merge almost seamlessly into a cabin structure, which is shown with a sweeping coupé-like line.

Feel-good lounge as a cabin

At the rear, the Silver Arrow is a bit more conventional. A wooden deck provides space for sunbathers, just behind the command post. The interior of the 14-meter yacht is a feel-good lounge with plenty of seating. The luxuriously equipped cabin offers space for up to ten people. The huge panorama roof and the large side windows with their shadows are definitely eye-catching. The motor yacht is equipped with a wine cellar, a premium audio system, air conditioning and an ice machine.


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