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Mercedes SUV purchase advice: GLK, ML, GL or the veteran G?

Dino Eisele
Mercedes SUV sales advice
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Mercedes GLK - City and Country

Sure, the Mercedes G LK is a clever city SUV, with All-wheel drive an underrated climbing master and a comfortable touring car. But perhaps its success is based on the fact that it is a Mercedes like it used to be - more than any other model (the G doesn't count, it's not like it used to be, but from the past, from much earlier). The Mercedes GLK compresses traditional virtues of the brand to 4.54 meters: in its design, stylish instead of stylish, it celebrates pragmatism. Not only those who drove a 123 T-Model 30 years ago will feel at home in the GLK today. Its angular body and the pleasantly raised seating position ensure the best view, the compact dimensions for city-friendly maneuverability without lacking space inside. Only the load space should be larger, but the 450 to 1,550 liters can be used well.

Since the revision in May, the interior of the Mercedes GLK has been furnished more finely, with higher-quality materials. In addition to solid workmanship, the high safety standard is also part of the Mercedes folklore. Now the GLK drives the whole arsenal of assistance systems, from adaptive cruise control to blind spot warning. Oh yes, and he is more dynamic. At least that's what he thinks. That's right, but it's all a question of the starting point. Even after the facelift, the GLK is not a cornering artist, but a comfortable and climbing compact SUV. He combines the best of the past with the good of today.

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Drive: As the only one of the four The Mercedes GLK is only available for off-roaders with rear-wheel drive in 200 CDI and 220 CDI. If you don't need an all-wheel drive, the base is enough: 200 CDI. But because the GLK is a real climbing talent, we recommend the 220 Bluetec 4Matic. It costs 5,771 euros more than the two-wheel-drive 220, but in addition to all-wheel drive, it has the recommended seven-speed automatic transmission and the NOX catalytic converter on board, thus fulfilling the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Features: As with The driver assistance package with the Mercedes GLK is worthwhile for all Mercedes SUVs. ForIt includes the ACC, lane departure warning and changing assistant as well as the Presafe system. In addition to the sidebags in the rear (405 euros), adaptive bi-xenon headlights (1,660 euros) increase safety. If you want to pull, you need the trailer hitch for 928 euros, if you want to go off-road, you need the 702 euros off-road technology package with lift kit, hill descent aid, underride protection and special engine and transmission characteristics.

Multi-media: Cheaper than Comand (3,118 euros): fully integrated Becker navigation system together with CD radio Audio 20 for 1,250 euros.

Mercedes ML - Country and Life

Do you know a city in the US state of Alabama with a population of over 83,000? Yes, because you know Tuscaloosa. Not because of the twelve celebrities, according to Wikipedia (if you want to include the sound engineer for the film 'Car Wash') who come from the city. But because the Mercedes ML has been built there since 1997. The third generation started just under a year ago and is particularly concerned with efficiency.

In its basic version, the ML is powered by the 2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel, known as the powerful but not always uncompromising OM651. It gives the 2.1-ton Mercedes ML the efficiency seal A, and it also cleans its exhaust gases with urea injection to Euro 6 level. Which in no way means that the ML has neglected SUV virtues because of the sheer need for savings. In its lush interior, it accommodates five passengers comfortably and undisturbed. With a volume of 690 to 2,010 liters, its loading capacity is on par with the E-Class T-Model, and it also takes trailers weighing up to 3.5 tons to the electrically unlockable trailer coupling. The ML rages through the terrain in principle and with all-wheel drive, and with the optional off-road package it stays on the G's longest. Only that with the dynamics is not extremely important to him, despite adaptive dampers and roll compensation, the Mercedes ML remains an ML: full, solid and known for high comfort and safety.

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Drive: Seven-speed automatic and all-wheel drive are standard in the Mercedes ML anyway, the only thing left is the choice of engine. If you want the gasoline engine, you have to make the highest demands on the drive culture (ML 500) or be in a hurry (ML 63 AMG). In other words, diesel: As economical as the four-cylinder in the 250 CDI is, in this price range an extra charge of € 3,749 for the ML 350 Bluetec should hardly be alarming. The six-cylinder fits best with strong torque and acceptable consumption.

Features: Here, too, the recommendation for the adaptive bi-xenon light (1,856 euros) and the driver assistance package (2,678 euros). Interesting with a maximum pulling force of 3,500 kilos: the trailer coupling (1,083 euros). The On & Offroad package for 2,261 euros with a lock for the center differential is worthwhile for the terrain,Gear reduction and motor protection. Only those in a hurry need active roll stabilization (3,689 euros). Better to invest the money in air suspension with adaptive dampers for 2,023 euros. Or in heatable cup holders (250 euros)?

Multi-Media: If so, then with everything: Comand Online for 3,154 euros.

Mercedes GL - big and fine

Don't think in terms of parking spaces, think in terms of building sites. cleverly avoid underground garages and historic city centers. Don't let the narrowness of Europe bother you, better realize that the Mercedes GL shifts orders of magnitude. Ten square meters of floor space doesn't sound like that, but it is enough for a parking space. Or for a small office. This is how the GL, which will be available from dealers from November, is perhaps better understood as a small house with wheels. As before, it accommodates seven passengers as standard, even the two seats in row three, which fold electrically into the floor, offer Isofix and full comfort. The dimensions of the GL show that even with the chairs set up, 680 liters of cargo space remain.

It requires getting used to when driving and urgent support from sensors when parking, or better still, the all-round camera. In relation to its size, the heavy Mercedes GL does all the cornering - no, of course not sporty, but remarkably easy to handle. Especially when the Active Curve System compensates for the sway. But it is better to enjoy the great travel talents of the GL, which comes with air suspension and collision warning as standard, and with the optional off-road package (lock for the center diff, reduction gear, three height levels for the air suspension) overcomes even desert stretches as comfortably and easily as if you were sitting in your own living room . You do too.

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Drive: All-wheel drive and seven-speed automatic are set, and the question of the engine is actually not a question. The V8 in the Mercedes GL 500 is efficient for its performance, but the absolute consumption is high. The GL 63 AMG tries to combine two extremes: a 2.5-tonner with sports car ambitions - a matter of taste. Better: the Euro 6 pure GL 350 Bluetec, which drives the GL with the force of a steam locomotive and the quietness of a ship's diesel - economical even.

Features: Think of “ Better living ”, because you are furnishing your own home rather than a car. Already properly equipped as standard, the heated and coolable front seats (1,285 euros) and the three-zone air conditioning with rear control for 1,404 euros are recommended for the long-haul king. We no longer have to discuss the driver assistance package (2,678 euros) and bi-xenon for 1,856 euros. There are still sidebags in the second row, the pair for 405 euros, the inexpensive panoramic glass roof at 1,071 euros and the irreplaceable 360-degree parking camera for 2,297Euro.

Multi-Media: Comand Online for 3,154 Euro is expected. If you want to have some peace and quiet in front of the five rear passengers: Rear entertainment with DVD (2,321 euros).

Mercedes G-Class - style and gravel

Basically, it would be an interesting calculation whether it would not be cheaper for a state to subsidize the purchase of G-models and forego paved roads. Because since 1979 the following applies: Where a Mercedes G-model with all-wheel drive, reduction and three fully lockable differentials can't go, you shouldn't want to go. With his buddy (the two are long out of rivalry), the Land Rover Defender, he is the terrain legend.

On this side of the sidelines, one shouldn't forget that the Mercedes G from the last millennium and comes from the commercial vehicle division. Bends were never his thing, he lists them, vaguely guided by the steering. The chassis feels more committed to twisting than to comfort. So riding the G is an experience in the best possible sense. Leather seats or infotainment cannot mask its rustic character. The bulky Mercedes G feels vicious from the high seating position, but also indomitable, invulnerable and, thanks to its high quality, almost inheritable - as a four-door station car as well as a two-door convertible. Let's cheer him while we still have him. Because although it always moved with the times, it will move with the times.

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Drive: Actually, we should recommend the Mercedes G 350 Bluetec, because the sturdy six-cylinder diesel drives the G sufficiently quickly and is the sensible version with acceptable consumption. But, friends, buying a G has hardly anything to do with common sense. So bring the G 500. The AMG versions? Dinos on dope.

Features: What started out 33 years ago as a transporter-like, sparse all-wheel drive genius is now a 33-year-old all-wheel drive genius - with homely equipment and modern technology. If it were our Mercedes G, that would have to be added: trailer hitch (381 euros), blind spot assistant (1,071 euros), parking sensors with reversing camera (1,404 euros), tire pressure control (381 euros), load compartment cover (333 euros) and the only styling element the rockfall protection for the bi-xenon headlights (137 euros).

Multi-Media: The large Navi Comand Online is standard, but not the USB /i-Pod interface for 274 euros.


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