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Mercedes study & # 34; Aero Trailer & # 34 ;: Truck trailer saves up to 2,000 liters of diesel

Mercedes study 'Aero Trailer'
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D These values ​​are what freight forwarders leave with 2,000 liters of diesel per year and save more than five tons of CO2.

Mercedes Aero Trailer with rear diffuser

Small interventions in the trailer's aerodynamics make it possible. A flow body at the front reduces the distance to the tractor - this reduces air resistance by one percent. In addition, side panels contribute to a reduction of eight percent. They are slightly drawn in at the front and offer open guide elements towards the rear that direct the air to the new diffuser. This parallelogram-shaped diffuser brings another two percent savings.

As a final measure on the aero trailer, Mercedes installed a 400 millimeter long inlet at the rear. This reduces the resistance by a further seven percent.
According to Mercedes, the rear elements are foldable and allow unrestricted access to the cargo area. This was not changed in the study and measures the usual 13.6 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width and 4.0 meters in height. However, the total length exceeds the legal vehicle length by half a meter.

Trailer is to be integrated into the vehicle concept

Mercedes determined these aerodynamic modifications during extensive wind tunnel measurements and test drives. As a further measure to holistically connect attachments to the tractor unit, a tire pressure display is also being worked on for the trailer. In addition, the Daimler subsidiary Fleet Board is currently developing the integration of the trailer into telematics systems. In this way, the system can locate the closest suitable trailer for a specific order or transfer the data of the trailer including the load to the cockpit of the tractor unit.


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