Mercedes Sprinter Extreme Concept

Mercedes Sprinter Extreme Concept
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M you know the Mercedes Sprinter. Large, mostly white box, mostly fast on the train and omnipresent. The Sprinter is now also being offered as a heavy-duty platform version on the US market. To show what the Sprinter can do, Mercees USA has set up the Sprinter Extreme Concept. Support came from the well-known Mercedes tuner Renntech.

Mercedes Sprinter Extreme Concept with a dirty look

The basis was the Sprinter 3500 Cab chassis. Its cabin was equipped with a roof rack plus six powerful additional headlights. Two more additional lights can be found on the front apron, which has now proven itself with a spoiler. In addition, a winch was integrated into the front. The headlights were given a “bad look”.

A lift kit and new rims with off-road tires, together with wheel arch extensions at the front, ensure a martial appearance. In addition, the exhaust gases from the four-cylinder engine are routed through a chrome-plated side pipe that is installed up behind the cabin. The overall appearance is rounded off by a smart paint job in a dirty design. The green base color was refined with plenty of splashes of mud.


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