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Mercedes S- and E-Class with R744: From 2017 with CO2 air conditioning

Mercedes S and E class with R744
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Mercedes has developed CO2 air conditioning systems itself

A b on January 1, 2017, the EU prescribes a refrigerant in air conditioning systems for newly registered vehicles whose global warming potential (GWP) is below 150 - CO2 (R744) has GWP 1.

The completely newly developed devices are currently still being tested in a few vehicles and will be used in the Mercedes S-Class and in the new E-Class with Thermotronic air conditioning at the end of 2016. 'A fleet-wide deployment is not possible until the deadline of the new EU directive on January 1, 2017,' says Mercedes.

Controversial refrigerant R1234yf is used temporarily

Therefore, all other Mercedes and Smart models received the controversial refrigerant R1234yf with a GWP of 4. This refrigerant not only has the advantage of low GWP but can also without it technical modification of the air conditioning systems are filled. However, a few years ago the refrigerant leaked during crash tests and flowed into the hot engine compartment, releasing highly toxic hydrofluoric acid. As a result, Mercedes, among other things, announced that it would not use R1234yf and instead use CO2 as the refrigerant.

In order to avoid the safety risks posed by R1234yf, Mercedes installed a special protective device and applied for a patent. In the event of a frontal crash, it separates the refrigerant /air mixture in the engine compartment from the hot engine parts and cools the hot spots in the engine via a gas generator with argon shielding gas.


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