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Mercedes OM 654: The new four-cylinder diesel

Mercedes OM 654
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T snot Diesel exhaust scandal, the diesel engine at Mercedes still has a future. The OM 654 - the first all-aluminum diesel four-cylinder from Mercedes - makes the group fit for this. The modular engine family with 500 ccm cylinder units is to be used in the passenger car and van models. Several performance levels as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front, rear and all-wheel drive are planned. The new four-cylinder OM 654 will have its world premiere as the 220 d in the new E-Class in the spring of 2016.

The displacement of the new diesel engine was cut slightly - it went from 2.15 liters (OM 651) to two Liters back. At the same time, the cylinder spacing was reduced from 94 to 90 mm. The weight has also decreased from 202.8 to 168.4 kg. All exhaust gas cleaning technologies such as multi-way exhaust gas recirculation, Adblue injection and SCR catalytic converter as well as diesel particulate filters were placed directly on the engine. The injection pressure of the Common Rauil system was increased to up to 2,050 bar.

In the 220d, the four-cylinder increased from 170 to 195 hp, the maximum torque remained unchanged at 400 Nm, but consumption should be reduced by 13%. The 200d with 150 hp has already been announced. In 2017 the first biturbo followed in the 250 d with 231 hp. Further performance levels are to be expected.


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