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Mercedes Nimbus: View of the taxi of tomorrow

Slavche Tanevski
Mercedes Nimbus
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D he Mercedes Nimbus is powered by four wheel hub electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery in the underbody. This gives the Mercedes Nimbus plenty of space for passengers inside. In addition to the chauffeur, who sits in the middle in front of the dashboard, they can take a seat in two rows of seats in the rear - five of them.

Three adults with luggage. The Mercedes Nimbus offers additional storage space in the rear trunk drawer. Passengers gain access to the interior via sliding doors that open to the front and back like scissors. Once seated, passengers are greeted by a light-flooded interior - thanks to large panoramic windows.

Homage to the first taxi in the world

Slavche Tanevski would also like his design as a homage to the first taxi in the world, that Daimler Victoria understood from 1897. The young designer has optically emphasized the passenger cell and given the Mercedes Nimbus large 'carriage' wheels. Will the model ever go into series production? Who knows whether there will still be Mercedes E-Class taxis by 2025.


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