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Mercedes-Maybach is buzzing: Chinese in Maybach intoxication

Mercedes-Maybach hums
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A ls the Maybach was still a Maybach and no Mercedes could Daimler of the luxury automobile even at peak times bring only around 600 copies to wealthy customers worldwide. Since the beginning of 2015, the Maybach has been the top equipment of the Mercedes S-Class. In addition to the new positioning, the significantly reduced cost price of the luxury sedan also plays a decisive role in the sales success.

Maybach S400 as an entry-level model in Russia and China

One of the largest markets for the Mercedes-Maybach include China, Russia, South Korea and the USA, with China having an absolutely exceptional position. All four markets together account for 90% of total Maybach sales, with over 500 Mercedes-Maybach models being sold each month in China alone since the market launch in February.

Sales are also boosted by a special Maybach version that is offered in China and Russia - the Mercedes-Maybach S400 4-Matic, which with its only three-liter V6 engine under the four- Liter capacity threshold remains, above which a hefty import tax is due. The small Maybach in China only costs the equivalent of 212,500 euros, the S600 costs at least 427,000 euros.

Annual goals already achieved in South Korea

In Russia - after all, the second largest Maybach sales market - Daimler was only able to sell 285 copies in the first 6 months, according to the auto analysts at Autostat. With a total sales volume of only 545 luxury models, Maybach sales are still impressive. The Maybach also starts here as a 400 from the equivalent of 107,000 euros, the 600 from 181,720 euros. This makes the Maybach one of the cheapest offers in the luxury segment.

The Swabians are also well above plan in South Korea. The Mercedes-Maybach was only introduced here in April and the planned annual target of 200 units was almost reached in June. 192 vehicles have already been delivered, 150 customers are still waiting for delivery, the 'Korea Herald' quotes a company spokesman. In South Korea, the Maybach starts as a 500 from the equivalent of 180,200 euros, the 600 costs at least 227,400 euros.

No detailed sales figures are available for the US market. In the USA, the Maybach is only available as a 600 and costs from 180,000 euros. In Germany, the Mercedes-Maybach is between 134,054 euros (S 500) and 187,842Euro (S 600).


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