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Mercedes LAPV Enok: Panzer-G for anti-terrorism operations

Mercedes LAPV Enok
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M Italians love abbreviations, so the' G 'should actually be particularly popular with those who wear uniforms. However, the military also love flowery descriptions for their vehicles, which is why the Mercedes G is called 'Wolf' in the Bundeswehr. And its armored counterpart 'Enok'. Now the federal government has decided to provide the soldiers with 84 more Enoks in the improved version 6.1.

Enok - in the name of the raccoon dog

The Enok bears the name of the raccoon-like raccoon dog originally from Siberia. In short military jargon, the Enok is a 'LAPV', a 'Light Armored Patrol Vehicle'. With the Mercedes G /Wolf, the Enok shares the look and many technical components, especially in the drive train, but the design differs significantly from the unarmored model.

5.4 tons total weight with a payload of one ton - so the Enok 5.4 already plays in a different league than the standard Wolf. Due to the modifications, the Mercedes LAPV Enok 5.4 is significantly wider and at the same time lower than the Mercedes G. At 1,900 millimeters, exactly the same height and width, it looks more compact when viewed from the front. The vehicle length is 4.82 meters - without the external spare wheel that is common in the civil version. The Mercedes Enok is equipped with the current three-liter diesel of the Wolf, the six-cylinder provides 184 hp and 400 Newton meters of torque. The armor of the Mercedes Enok is designed to withstand fire with hard core and armor piercing ammunition. The range of the Mercedes Enok is given as 700 kilometers.

New Enok for the KSK

On the development of the successor model Enok 6.1 (6.1 tons total weight, 1.3 tons payload, Portal axles, improved armor) the southern German companies ACS and LeTech are involved. While ACS with the construction of special protection vehicles and the Enok 5.4 is only known to experts, LeTech is more familiar to 'normal' off-roaders: the company deals with the conversion of Mercedes G models and supplies the portal axles for the Enok 6.1, which are can also be screwed under civil G-models.

The Mercedes Enok is used by the Bundeswehr in four versions: as a pickup, closed transporter, as a MedEvac vehicle for medical use and as a transporter with unprotected, over-planned loading area.

In addition to the Enok 5.4 (137 units) already in use, the order has now been placed for a further 84 Enok 6.1,which are to be delivered by 2017. The Bundeswehr order has reportedly a volume of around 56.3 million euros - which would correspond to an Enok unit price of around 670,000 euros. The new Enok 6.1 is to be used primarily by the Special Forces Command (KSK), other units are used for patrol services.


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