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Mercedes G Professional: The professional returns

Mercedes G Professional
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W orker, pure, professional - the names were varied, the appearance martial, but the sales figures are homeopathic. After the versions for municipal customers, the puristic G variants were also released for 'civilians' in 2009 and remained in the range until 2013. At that time, however, the cult box last marketed as the G 300 CDI Professional was based on the 461 series, which is now reserved for the military - with corresponding restrictions of the civil model 463. Compared to the predecessor, this not only means a significant gain in comfort for customers in terms of noise and operation, it also brings more life into the booth. Because the new G 350d Professional receives the 2015 version of the OM 642 turbodiesel, which has been upgraded to 245 hp, which at least ensures a promised no-stop time of 8.8 seconds. The purist cube runs a maximum of 160 km /h and should consume an average of 9.9 liters.

No longer entirely puristic: The new G Professional is based on the 463 series.

Mercedes G 350 d Professional

The Euro 6 engine has to deal with the tried and tested 7 G Tronic automatic, three locks for axles and transfer case are a matter of honor. It differs from the normal models in that it has a matt black radiator grille and black light alloy wheels, and it is soled with mixed-terrain tires in 265/70-R16.

The chassis of the Mercedes G 350 d Professional is different from the other models Ten millimeters higher. Curious: while cranks are waiting on the windows, the steering column can be adjusted electrically in four directions, including thatThe rest of the interior has not been completely purged - the multifunction steering wheel, beautiful surfaces in a lacquer look or the color information display between the round instruments differ significantly from the previous model.

There will also be a climbing garden with a viewing platform for this model.

Sales start in June

As with this predecessor, there will also be some adventure extras for the Mercedes G 350 d Professional, including the roof rack with rear ladder, a bumper prepared for use with a winch or the popular headlight protective grille. The Mercedes G 350 d Professional has been available for order since June 1st and will be delivered from September. There is a choice of 13 paint colors, including the tones 'Desert Sand' and 'China Blue', which are mixed exclusively for the Professional. The latter pays homage to the endurance runner 'Otto' by world traveler Gunther Holtorf.

However, the fun of doing without is really cheap: with a list price of 79,968 euros without extras, the new edition of the G Professional is a good 10,000 euros above Previous version.


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