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Mercedes eVito (2018): data, information, first test

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D he Vito makes the start: Mercedes wants all businesses by 2020 -Vans (Citan, Vito and Sprinter) will present electric versions which, in addition to the conventionally powered versions, are primarily intended for use in urban areas. The background is also the impending combustion bans in more and more major European cities, which pose real problems for tradespeople and, above all, the booming parcel delivery services.

It is precisely these delivery services that Mercedes has set its sights on, and the eVito primarily tailored to their needs by asking numerous large customers about the required performance data and routes. The eVito was therefore equipped with a 41.4 kWh battery, which should be around 150 kilometers with regular use and still 100 kilometers under more severe conditions such as very low outside temperatures with high heating energy requirements. The maximum speed is limited ex works to 120 km /h, but can be set lower if necessary.

In addition to the closed box, the glazed 'bus' version is also available.

'It would not be a problem to achieve more range with larger battery capacities,' said Mercedes Van boss Volker Mornhinweg at the world premiere of the eVito in Berlin. But this would not meet the needs of the customers and would increase the costs so much that the operation would no longer be profitable for the branch with a high level of calculation. With the eVito that has now been introduced, aAnnual mileage of 25,000 kilometers after three years the higher purchase price compared to the diesel Vito 111 CDI, amortized. The eVito is neither suitable nor intended for long-distance use.

Large order - 1,500 eVito for Hermes


The eVito drives like a normal van down to the minimum volume.

The gear is preselected with the familiar automatic lever, whereby the shift paddles behind the steering wheel irritate for a short time - the eVito has no individual forward gears that can be shifted with it. The explanation is given by the engineer in the passenger seat: the driver can set one of three recuperation levels with the paddles. When the vehicle is restarted, the strongest recuperation level is set, which enables the eVito to be operated exclusively with the accelerator pedal when driving with anticipatory driving style. When it is lifted, the electric panel van decelerates noticeably, as if the brakes are lightly depressed, and stores a corresponding amount of energy back in the traction battery.

During the first test drive, there is no difference in handling from the normal combustion Vito. The weight distribution also contributes to this. The heavy traction battery is conveniently installed for the center of gravity under the vehicle floor, the drive package consisting of the electric motor, transmission and electronics under the bonnet is slightly lighter than the diesel model. The eVito is quick, but not rapid: No traffic light races should be won with this car, so the power output of the e-motor is limited accordingly. The sovereign idea is accompanied by a more clearly audible hum of the drive compared to familiar electric cars.

A glazed Vito van stands parallel to the closed panel vanPassenger seating ready as it is used in shuttle traffic. On a trial basis, the engineers granted its electric motor a slightly longer line and raised the power limit to around 140 kW. The result is impressive, from slow driving (the ESP is not yet activated on the test vehicle) the front wheels spin briskly as soon as the 'gas' pedal is fully depressed.

Mercedes eVito: Order and price

Mercedes website are also rewarded with a service package including a wallbox. The electric Vito will be followed by the eSprinter in 2019. The range is completed by the purely electrically powered Citan.


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