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Mercedes EQ: E-cars from Bremen, Sindelfingen, Tuscaloosa, Hambach

Mercedes EQ
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Mercedes will also manufacture cars in France in the future. At the Smart location in Hambach, the compact model of the new electric will in future M ercedes EQ family, the carmaker announced on Friday (May 18, 2018). The preparations for the new model in Hambach will start shortly. The investments amounting to 500 million euros will flow in various parts into new halls for body construction and surface treatment as well as into the product itself.

Electric vehicles of the product and technology brand EQ will also come off the production line at the US plant in Tuscaloosa The car manufacturer Daimler announced in September 2017. Production of EQ models in Tuscaloosa is scheduled to begin at the beginning of the next decade. There are also plans to build a battery factory near the existing car plant. In total, Mercedes-Benz plans to invest one billion US dollars and create over 600 new jobs. A large part of the investment is to flow into the implementation of the electric offensive. The rest will be used to expand logistics activities at the site. The SUV models GLE, GLS and GLE Coupé as well as their hybrid versions are already being manufactured at the Tuscaloosa plant.

In February, Daimler announced that the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen will be the second location after Bremen. where electric vehicles of the new Mercedes product brand EQ are produced. The Sindelfingen plant is to become the competence center for battery-electric models in the upper and luxury class.

More than 10 electric cars by 2025

Future EQ models are to be used in series production of the existing Mercedes Works on four continents will be integrated. The locations within the production network at which additional EQ models will roll off the assembly line will be decided based on market demand.

With the current decision, the locations in Bremen, Rastatt, Sindelfingen and the Smart factory in Hambach, France Electric models produced. The B-Class Electric Drive has been rolling off the assembly line in Rastatt since April 2014. In the future, EQ models of the compact class (MFA2) will be produced there. The Elektro-Smart has been built in Hambach since 2007. In Bremen, 150 temporary workers will be given permanent employment when the EQ models start up. Bremen is the EQ-SUV EQC .

In the engine factory With the “E-Technikum”, a new competence center is to be built in Untertürkheim, in which prototypes for the electric drive will be built in the future. In addition, Untertürkheim is to get involved in the assembly processes of the electrified drive module and the production of components for the EQ-Stromer.

By 2025, Mercedes-Benz Cars plans to bring more than ten electric cars onto the market: in all segments of Smart to large SUVs. Mercedes also wants the entire portfolio by 2022 electrify and offer customers at least one electrified alternative in each segment. The carmaker assumes that the share of electric models in total Mercedes-Benz sales will be between 15 and 25 percent.


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