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Mercedes electric cars: A-Class E-Cell and B-Class F-Cell will be launched in 2010

Mercedes electric cars
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From the Mercedes A -Klasse E-Cell is to be produced in October at the Rasatt plant in a small series of 500 vehicles that will last for four years (or 60,000 Kilometers) are to be rented to selected customers.

Mercedes A-Class with electric drive

The A-Class E-Cell is based on the five-door version of the current A-Class. Externally, the electrically powered variant is characterized by, among other things, the absence of an exhaust pipe and exhaust cut-out in the body, uniform paintwork in cirrus white and the designation 'E-CELL' on the trunk lid. The A-Class E-Cell is only available in the Avantgarde equipment variant, which is also equipped with bi-xenon headlights, a Comand APS, an active parking assistant, automatic air conditioning, windowbags, sidebags in the rear and an elaborate seat and light package.

An electric motor with an output of up to 70 kW and a torque of 290 Nm provides propulsion. A lithium-ion battery, which is housed in the vehicle floor, should enable a range of more than 200 kilometers.

B-Class with fuel cell

The Mercedes B-Klasse F-Cell with fuel cell and electric drive carries its fuel on board and thus achieves a range of around 400 kilometers. Your tanks can be filled with gaseous hydrogen in just three minutes using the globally standardized dispensing device. Small series production of the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell also started in 2009. The first of around 200 vehicles will be delivered to customers in Europe and the USA in 2010.

The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is currently being produced in a series of 1,000 vehicles. The two-seater will initially be delivered to selected customers in six European countries as well as in the USA and Canada as part of a leasing or rental model. From 2012 it will be manufactured in large series and be available in stores for anyone interested.


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