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Mercedes E63 AMG S 4Matic Supertest: How sporty is the 585 PS all-wheel-drive sedan?

Rossen Gargolov
Mercedes E63 AMG S 4Matic in the super test
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T ou have been supporting the principle for a long time with philosophical zeal. Others reject it for ideological reasons. Her credo: You can do without it, if the driver has mastered his job. Yes: In motorsport, too, it is mostly foregone unless it is an off-road or rally competition. Here it is simply weight reasons that explain the waiver.

Is AMG breaking traditions with all-wheel drive?

But the fronts are softened. Pragmatism is also gaining ground in vehicle segments that have not yet received much from the blessing of this technology - we're talking about the all-wheel drive of the Mercedes E63 AMG. The latest example are the new power limousines from Affalterbach. In addition to the already known SUV models with the initials ML, GL and G, the E63 and the sister model CLS 63 are now two further AMG series that can be adorned with the 4Matic quality feature on request (and of course at an additional cost).

But that's not all: With the Mercedes A45 AMG and the CLA 45 AMG, two more all-wheel drive models will follow in the course of this year, which are now also demonstrating the power of the drive principle that Audi made socially acceptable decades ago in the successful Mercedes Daughter will certainly increase significantly.

In view of the power of now 585 PS and 800 Newton meters of torque - as in the case of the S model based on the E63 AMG 4Matic discussed here - it is actually good to know that you are concerned with slip, traction and cornering forces you don't have to worry too much. Crossing the pass in winter is no longer a serious problem, even with such excessive engine power - provided that the tire issue has been resolved accordingly. It is well known that all-wheel drive is not worth much in winter without winter tires.

The fact that the Mercedes E63 AMG 4matic is hardly about increasing off-road skills can be seen from the moments allocated to the two driven axles. 33 percent go to the front axle, 67 percent to the rear axle.

Mercedes E63 AMG S storms easily through curves

This rear-biased power distribution results in a driving characteristic that is initially similar to that of the rear-wheel drive variant can hardly be distinguished. When covering upConceptual disadvantages help well-known, tried and tested tricks: The design-related tendency to understeer of the Mercedes E63 AMG S is also compensated to some extent by selective brake interventions. Although this unnaturally increases the lining wear on the rear axle, it also ensures better turning when cornering quickly and thus increased maneuverability.

In fact, the weight of the E63 AMG S is not noticeable in everyday life . High agility and good clarity make it an extremely pleasant companion that is easy to use. The electromechanical steering provides a good feeling for the requirements with the variable, depending on the driving mode adapted power assistance. Despite the tougher elastokinematics in the sport-trimmed chassis of the E63 AMG, there is nothing wrong with the comfort. While conventional steel springs are used on the three-link front axle, which has been widened by 48 millimeters, a fully load-bearing air suspension system works on the rear axle.

The four electronically controlled dampers differentiate between “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport Plus” ”. The good thing about it is: There are no false promises that are displayed there.

Are 50 kilos of weight gain due to all-wheel drive too much?

Back to all-wheel drive: A transfer case is responsible for distributing power to the front axle, which is integrated into the gearbox itself to save space. The weight increase in the E63 AMG S resulting from the all-wheel drive technology is estimated by Mercedes at around 50 kilograms. In view of the increase in talent that is visible across the board, this surcharge can confidently be accepted with a casual shrug.

In addition to the multi-plate clutch housed in the 4Matic system, which operates with a 50 Nm locking effect in view of the good traction potential of all four wheels E63 AMG S model also has an additional differential lock on the rear axle - in terms of driving dynamics, as is well known, the proverbial dot on the i.

The result of this technical frontal attack is devastating (for some) and kneeling down for them other. It has something of a catapult start when the forces of the V8 biturbo come together on the four drive wheels of the E63 AMG S 4matic - triggered only by a casual kick.

You could cross your arms and love God Let be a good man: the engine and transmission, yes, the entire drive train of the Mercedes E63 AMG S form a perfectly coordinated unit thanks to the high degree of automation, just to make one thing tangible - the apparent elimination of the inertia of the crowd.

The excess acceleration of the E63 AMG S is similar to a catapult start

The act up to 100 km /h - starting almost suddenly with the charging and pre-tensioning of theSystem, initiated by the proverbial violence of the hissing V8 engine - lasts only a short 3.7 seconds in the E63 AMG S.

Caught in the explosive sequence of further, doggedly presented excessive acceleration, disbelief is no longer allowed - instead, the spin ensures automated nodding movements, no less strong when accelerating than when braking. If that sounds too prosaic, a few numbers will help, which objectively underpin the unheard-of temperament of this E-Class, which can hardly be identified as violent, in an innocent white. The sprint to 200 km /h in the Mercedes E63 AMG S only takes 11.9 seconds - a value with which even real sports cars can be brought down in no time.

Because the seven-speed automatic keeps the gears in manual mode , the pulling power of the eight-cylinder, which consistently produces 800 Newton meters between 1,750 and 5,000 rpm, is also easy to appreciate. From 80 to 120 in - let's say - 4th gear: 3.3 seconds. From 80 to 160 km /h, for example in 5th gear: 9.6 seconds.
As far as its engaging fullness of character is concerned, this V8 biturbo in the Mercedes E63 AMG is a well-known and popular figure. But the way it sounds in this environment (grandiose, but appropriately subtle) and as smoothly as it goes to work across the entire speed range, it leaves nothing to be desired in this performance level.

585 PS-V8 with restrained drinking habits

The announcement by AMG that this eight-cylinder, which fuels the E63 AMG, is the most efficient representative of its class to have in our portfolio, we would like to add the well-meaning note that in practice it only depends on how you use the available resources.

Meanwhile: The average test consumption of 15.5 liters could be taken as an indication that it can actually be counted among the more economical of its genre.
The congenial addition to the drive train of the Mercedes E63 AMG S. , the Speedshift MCT 7-speed transmission with four driving programs, has a sore spot despite all the perfection and speed it shows in itself: In manual mode it still reacts to the gear changes initiated by the shift paddle on the steering wheel always slightly delayed.

If the engine of the Mercedes E63 AMG runs into the limiter in the rush of battle, although the switching impulse was transmitted by finger click in good time, i.e. before reaching the red speed range, then it is obviously because of this that the transmission learns of this impulse too late - regardless of the speed of light.

Moist eyes with the E63 AMG S on the Nordschleife

But the bottom line is that it's complete Doesn't matter whether a few hundredths or thousandths of a second get stuck in the rev limiter. Because like the new oneMercedes E63 AMG S with pressure, traction and a consistently friendly attitude rushes forward even on closed courses - see Hockenheim and Nürburgring - one way or another no eye stays dry.

On the longitudinal dynamics that AMG has always promoted. Talent in the E63 AMG S is joined by a completely new - shall we say - bold attitude in terms of lateral dynamics. It makes it possible to occasionally let the pig hang out in charming curves - up to lateral accelerations of up to 1.3 g.

AMG is - that much is certain - on the verge of it, not just setting new standards for yourself. The lap times in the super test prove this impressively.


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