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Mercedes E-Class in the great purchase advice

Achim Hartmann
Mercedes E-Class - the great purchase advice
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D he first surprise during the comparison trip with all engine variants: Even the basic petrol and diesel engines do their job properly and do not seem overwhelmed in the heavy Mercedes E-Class.

E-Class in the purchase advice: an automatic just fits better

Second insight: the upgrade to the more powerful four-cylinder models brings in some noticeably more temperament without a large consumption surcharge, but it already costs a few thousand more. If you look at the euro and don't often drive long distances or with a full load, you are well served with the basic engines. Thirdly, an automatic system simply goes better with the comfortable character of the Mercedes E-Class. However, the older gearbox with five stages shifts smoothly but slowly and ensures a higher speed level for the four-cylinder, which is not exaggeratedly cultivated anyway. If the bank account gives at least 51,527 euros, the V6 engines offer more smooth running and in conjunction with the standard seven-speed automatic a noticeably higher drive comfort.

Only then does the Mercedes E-Class receive and convey the sovereignty that is particularly important for frequent drivers. This applies to gasoline and diesel engines, whereby the CDI engines convince not only with their greater pulling power at lower speeds, but also with their rather modest consumption. The three-liter V6 in the E 350 Bluetec is even cleaner thanks to the NOx storage catalyst and Adblue injection into the exhaust gas flow and meets the future Euro6 standard.

Mercedes E-Class: the E 63 AMG inspires with a furious Temperament

The two V8 top models are in a class of their own, of which the standard air-sprung Mercedes E 500 takes on the role of the serious, nerve-saving long-distance cruiser with high power reserves. The powerful Mercedes E 63 AMG, on the other hand, looks like a super sports car in a limousine or station wagon dress, impresses with its furious temperament and a skilful combination of dynamism and everyday comfort.

Earned with frequent use in the mountains or on snow the all-wheel drive 4Matic (almost 3,000 euros surcharge) is a recommendation. It helps the Mercedes E-Class to achieve a clearly defined, understeering designed driving behavior as well as top values ​​in directional stability, traction and controllability, but currently only in connection with a few V6 or V8 models.

49 percent order their MercedesE-Class as a station wagon

The sedan only barely maintains its lead in the buyer's favor, with 49 percent currently ordering their E-class as a station wagon. A good choice, because in addition to the plus in cargo space and variability, the Mercedes T-model is well thought out and practical equipment down to the last detail. Roof rails, rear wipers and load anchors are also on board, as are double roller blinds, folding loading floors and rear air suspension with automatic level compensation, which enables high suspension comfort and safe driving characteristics even when fully loaded. Another Mercedes specialty is the folding bench seat for two children in the cargo area, which turns the E-Class into a seven-seater.

E-Class in purchase advice: the assistance systems all deserve a recommendation

The numerous assistance systems actually all deserve a recommendation, but they go well into the budget. The package consisting of automatic distance control with braking function, lane keeping and blind spot assistant for 2,559 euros is a real safety gain. You should definitely plan for the bi-xenon headlights with variable light distribution, cornering and cornering lights (Intelligent Light) as well as the Parktronic with distance warning and optical guidance in parking spaces.

Mercedes can also pay extra for some small things - an ashtray with cigarette lighter for example, or the heated windscreen washer system, which was still available free of charge in the Urahn W124, plus countless paint, upholstery and decor variants up to the Designo collection. Even armor is available. Price: 53,550 euros - almost as much as a complete E 350 Bluetec.

Mercedes E-Class: the relatively inexpensive sound system impresses with its high sound quality

The E-Class comes from the factory with a good, MP3-compatible CD radio and eight speakers. Upgrading via digital reception (476 euros) is of little use, while the relatively inexpensive sound system not only convinces music fans with high sound quality and skilful coordination with the interior. The interface in the glove compartment for mobile audio devices and the one for the cell phone in the armrest, including hands-free kit and external antenna (464 euros), which enables significantly better communication on the go, are also sensible, but relatively expensive at 238 euros.

The good voice control in the Mercedes E-Class costs extra

Among the two navigation devices, only the lower price (1,499 euros) speaks in favor of the small, slow solution with DVD, the very good one Voice control costs extra. The considerably faster Comand system (left) with a hard drive computer includes it as well as TMC-Pro, three-dimensional map display and six GB of memory for audio files, which puts the extra charge into perspective. However, a CD changer always requires additional payment. The same applies to the elegantly integrated but very expensive rear entertainment with two separately usable TFT color displays. In specialist shops therethere are comparable and portable devices for a fraction of the price.


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