Mercedes E 63 AMG from Performmaster

Mercedes E 63 AMG by Performmaster
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I n physics, the letter 'E' stands for energy. In this regard, the current Mercedes E-Class, at least as the E 63 AMG, does not make any promises Too much: After all, 557 horses scratch their tread blocks in limousines or T-models, and 720 Nm torque are not to be despised either. The factory S version even delivers 585 hp and 800 Nm. But everything is relative, as Einstein in particular knew , who set up the world-famous formula E=mc². E-class equals mass times the speed of light squared? Anyone who performs in Performmaster If the Mercedes-AMG E 63 has taken a seat in the upgraded Mercedes-AMG E 63, it may at least feel that way when you step on the accelerator.

The tuners increased the performance of the E 63 AMG by 145 PS and 280 Nm - using the PEC tuning Module that raises the Vmax limit from 250 to an impressive 320 km /h. The AMG E 63 thus advances into galaxies that are otherwise populated exclusively by genuine super sports cars. All other road users have long since disappeared in the rear-view mirror by this point. The transfer of all original sensor parameters in real time, as well as the integrated overload protection when the engine is cold, ensure that there are no undesirable side effects at such almost warp speeds. A bonus: Performmaster explicitly waives the obligation to provide evidence of a causal relationship to the buyer in the event of damage.

Because no cable has to be cut when installing the tuning module, retrofitting is also possible at any time. The performmaster module is simply connected using three cables with OEM plugs.


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