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Mercedes-Diesel: no application for registration in the USA

Diesel scandal in the USA
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D aimler is currently not applying for approval for diesel models. There is no general decision to withdraw diesel in the USA. According to Handelsblatt, the waiver applies to 2017. According to Mercedes USA, Mercedes is reacting to changing customer requests and the increased effort of such applications. In the USA, the diesel engine is a niche product in passenger cars. The market share of diesel vehicles in relation to total sales is less than 1 percent. In addition, the effort for the certification of diesel engines in the USA has risen sharply. Against this background, the car manufacturer is currently suspending the certification process for diesel cars. The Sprinter from the commercial vehicle division, on the other hand, will continue to be offered as diesel.

In April, Mercedes-USA boss Dietmar Exler said that there was still no decision in one direction or the other, writes the industry newspaper Automotive News. In October 2016, Daimler stated that it wanted to apply for approval for four diesel models, the report continued.

Penalties not excluded

Der Spiegel reported that Daimler in its on Quarterly report published April 26, 2017 wrote that it could not be ruled out that the authorities would come to the conclusion that Mercedes diesel vehicles may contain impermissible functionalities.

If the investigations lead to adverse results, Daimler could among other things, be obliged to fines or recall campaigns, said the group. Corresponding warnings were already included in the previous quarterly and annual reports.


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