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Mercedes: CO2 air conditioning for the S and E class

Mercedes changes refrigerants
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I n Mercedes has been installing a CO2 air conditioning system for the S 400 Coupé since October 2016. With the facelift of the S-Class, the models S 350d, S 400d and S 560 will follow. There will be no other variants with CO2 air conditioning, as Mercedes announced on request.

In the E-Class CO2 as a refrigerant in conjunction with the new four-cylinder diesel OM 654 and the three-zone automatic air conditioning (equipment code 581). The OM 654 is used in the E 200d and E 220d. Further engine variants will probably follow in the next change year in December 2017.

Reduce the risk of fire

Reason for the change: From January 1, 2017, the previous, climate-damaging refrigerant R134a may no longer be used in new cars will. As an alternative, the refrigerant R1234yf is introduced. This is less dangerous for the climate, but in the event of a fire, for example after an accident, it releases hydrofluoric acid and carbonyl fluoride.

Mercedes initially did without the agent and thus caused a considerable stir. From January 1st, Mercedes will also be using R1234yf as the standard. To combat the risk of fire, Mercedes is installing an additional argon tank in the engine compartment to reduce the risk of fire.


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