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Mercedes CLS gets full-LED headlights: Mercedes brings full-LED headlights

Mercedes CLS gets full-LED headlights
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The solution combines the variable functions of the Intelligent Light System, known from the E-Class, with the extremely bright and white one Shine from light emitting diodes (LED), said developer Uwe Kostanzer.

Full-LED headlights with numerous additional functions

In addition, LEDs have a significantly longer service life and require less electricity than Halogen or xenon lights. Lexus and Audi already have headlights in which only the LED chips shine instead of filaments. But for the first time, the technology will now be combined with an automatic switching on and off of the high beam, said Uwe Kostanzer.

In the coming years, further light innovations from Mercedes will follow. The Stuttgart-based company is planning a so-called low-emission LED system that releases less heat, does not need to be cooled as much and therefore saves even more fuel. In addition, this solution should not be upgraded with quite as many additional functions and it should also be able to be used in the medium and compact class.

In contrast, the next generation of LED headlights is intended for the upper class, with all mechanical elements for There is no need to pivot the light beam. Instead, according to Uwe Kostanzer, this headlight has more than 100 individually controlled light points which, in combination with assistance systems, then allow numerous additional functions. For example, pedestrians detected by a camera in the lane area should be flashed by headlights to warn them and the driver.


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