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Mercedes CLS Coupé (2018): driving report, data, price

Driving report Mercedes CLS 350 d 4Matic
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E with a wide grill on the front sloping front, narrow headlights and two-part rear lights: Mercedes has completely redesigned the CLS. The curved roof line is allowed to stay, the Shooting Brake has to go. The four-door model between the E- and S-Class will be launched on the market in March 2018. The grill is wider at the bottom than at the top, which is optically more of an AMG GT than the E- or S-Class. As before, the CLS uses the substructure of the Mercedes mid-range, but at 4.99 meters it is six centimeters longer than this. The flat four-door model has a drag coefficient of 0.26. The team led by Head of Design Gorden Wagener has modeled beads and edges.

Fits: deeply integrated seating position, successful ergonomics.

Deeply integrated seating position

The new button satellites on the steering wheel, including theThe touch-sensitive Blackberry keys come from the S-Class. After a short period of familiarization, you register the deeply integrated seating position - like in a coupé. You can enjoy the comfortable lateral support of the seats; that goes well with the self-confidence that radiates from the sporty front. And suggests the feeling that you have taken a seat in a thoroughly sporty model.

Successful ergonomics

The ergonomics appear extremely successful (although the battery on the exhibited vehicle was empty and therefore the Seats could not be adjusted). The impression of a driver's car prevails. At the same time, the ambience is luxurious and unobtrusive. A quick look into the rear under the markedly deep roof: it looks narrower here than it actually is; Even a man of six feet has enough headroom in the rear seats - thanks to a recess in the headliner.

The in-line six-cylinder with 286 to 286 to be available for market launch 340 hp come from the new engine family. All-wheel drive and automatic are standard.

At the start, the new CLS comes with three motors from the newly developed in-line six-cylinder family . The M 256 petrol engine in the CLS 450 4Matic has a displacement of three liters, a 48-volt electrical system and a starter generator with belt drive.

The electric motor provides 22 hp and 200 Nm when accelerating. Because the gasoline engine can be switched off as soon as the driver takes off the gas, the mild hybrid also helps to save fuel. Particles, which typically occur in gasoline engines with direct injection, are caught by a filter.

The diesel also has a three-liter displacement. It is available in two power levels with 286 and 340 hp. The 350d 4Matic comes to 600 Nm, the 400d 4Matic to 700 Nm. Both engines have stage turbocharging and variable valve timing. All engines available for market launch haveAll-wheel drive and automatic as standard.

From August 2018, Mercedes will add the AMG CLS 53 4Matic +. Here the turbo three-liter gasoline engine with electric assistance comes up to 435 PS + 22 E-PS

Mercedes offers three chassis variants: The new CLS has a chassis with steel springs and 18-inch wheels as standard. Adaptive dampers or air suspension are available for an extra charge. With both option suspensions, the driver can use the driving dynamics switch to choose between comfortable and tight characteristic curves.

Wellness for a surcharge

For a surcharge, the CLS, like the S-Class, offers a choice of six wellness programs. Each of the six energizing profiles combines the control of automatic air conditioning, massage seats, seat and steering wheel heating as well as scenting and lighting and music mood in such a way that the driver should stay fit and in a good mood. The muscles can also be relaxed or activated via the massage function of the seat.

We know the two screens and the round air vents from the E- and S-Class.

The surcharge on assistance systems is based on that of the S-Class: with the driver assistance package, the CLS maintains its distance, speed and lane, and automatically follows in traffic jams up to 30 km /h depending on the equipment the vehicle in front. The intersection assistant detects oncoming cars, warns and brakes of collisions.

The active lane departure warning assists when overtaking and evasive. In addition to the images and signals from cameras and radar sensors, the assistance systems also use map and navigation data.

According to Mercedes, the optional multibeam LED headlights use the maximum permissible light intensity; the high beam should reach 650 meters - a value similar to laser lamps.

Driving report of theMercedes CLS 350 d 4Matic

We are sitting in the CLS 350d, and it is a really good choice despite the current diesel misery. As in other Mercedes models, the six-cylinder shines here with a fine, silky barrel. And proves once again that physics can not be tricked even by the most complex technology. No four-cylinder, no matter how pampered, can achieve the perfect mass balance of a straight-six. In the well-groomed ambience of the CLS, the smooth running of the engine is all the more noticeable.

Otherwise, the three-liter diesel does not make a fuss about what it is doing, it works well with the nine-speed automatic and 4Matic all-wheel drive (both series). Manual interventions are hardly ever necessary, the paddles on the steering wheel mostly serve the driver's instinct to play.

He can live out that to the full in the new CLS anyway, at least if he has chosen the widescreen option for an extra charge of 1,011 euros . It will then have the latest generation of the Mercedes operating system, and it will not necessarily get easier with increasing complexity.

Full assistance package

The semi-autonomous driving systems, the soft and Hardware has reached a new level of maturity in the CLS.

This includes, for example, supported country road driving with active steering assistants and Distronic. The CLS drives almost autonomously through the landscape at an astonishing speed, also orienting itself on navigation data, so that it can anticipate curves, inclines and declines. In sport mode in particular, the CLS sets a speed that many everyday users probably do not dare to.

Another useful feature is that if the system warns the driver to take over the steering wheel himself, a light touch is enough the touch-sensitive button in the left steering wheel spoke and the CLS continues to drive autonomously.

With so many new functions, something essential is almost forgotten: driving comfort. But the CLS is also extremely talented in this discipline. With the optional Air Body Control suspension (2,261 euros), the coupé irones over large and small bumps very elegantly and calmly. Fine response, little body movement and smooth rolling characterize the air suspension.

Equipment and prices

The Edition 1, which will be available for a year from the market launch in March 2018, has Multibeam LED as standard. The special model can be recognized by a diamond grille and black 20-inch multi-spoke wheels. A badge with the words 'Edition 1' is attached to the fenders.

The seats are covered with black nappa leather and have a diamond-shaped quilting in the middle. Copper-colored contrasting stitching runs across the seats, center console, armrests and the instrument panel. The decorative element in the doors and center console consists of open-pored, black ash. In the middle of the dashboard sits an analogue clock in IWC design.Ambient lighting, memory package and mirror package as well as 40:20:40 divisible rear seat backrests are standard.

The new Mercedes CLS can be ordered now. Prices start at 68,128 euros for the 350d 4Matic. The 400 d 4Matic costs from 72,507 euros, the 450 4Matic costs from 70,906 euros. For the AMG Line package, Mercedes charges 2,737 euros, the Edition 1 package costs 12,495 euros extra for all engines. The widescreen cockpit has to be paid extra for 1,012 euros.


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