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Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé with PP: The sharpest C-Class in the super test

Rossen Gargolov
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé with Performance Package
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S we already have the advantages in our infancy well-structured and therefore mostly easily understandable systems recognized. Whether from Fischer, Märklin, Baufix or Lego: modular systems have always enjoyed great popularity - especially in times when standstill is apparently inevitable without synergetic alliances.

It is logical that modular systems from the automotive environment today are indispensable. They not only drastically reduce manufacturing costs, but also enable a diverse expansion of model series, even under completely different labels.

MQB, MLB and MIB - which, in Volkswagen's speech, stands for modular transverse matrix, Longitudinal construction kit and infotainment construction kit are available, and for good reason they are not so big on the bell. But even the beautiful daughters of renowned brands are forced to claim the recipe for themselves.

Over 30 AMG models on offer

The sporty Mercedes-AMG branch from the small Swabian town of Affalterbach currently has no fewer than 32 different model variants based on 14 model series. This paragon of automotive creativity is the result of a creative model mix, which - how could it be otherwise - is based on an intelligent platform strategy and virtually follows the beautiful example of the model kit.

Just the diversity in the current AMG Mercedes C-Class shows an impressive variability - mind you within one and the same subject area. The range includes sedan, coupé and T-model in the respective basic versions. Each of these models is also available with a Performance Package, a package that, in addition to increased performance, also includes a high-performance braking system with red brake calipers, a special steering wheel in leather /microfiber and a spoiler lip at the rear made of carbon - except of course for the T-model br>
The sporty top model of the series based on the coupé, the Black Series variant ( Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé Black Series in the supertest ), towers above all as a hero - its price is correspondingly high: just under 160,000 euros. It would be laughable ifbecause no space could be created for another variant. With the abbreviation “Edition 507”, AMG presented a C version at the Geneva Motor Show, which, in addition to exclusive design and color variants, brings together those accessories and technical features that were previously listed as individual items in the AMG surcharge list - and with which the Supertest candidate C63 AMG is equipped with a few exceptions that are irrelevant in terms of driving dynamics.

Mercedes C63 AMG with 457 to 517 hp

The spreading of the range of products works that way good, because the motors are basically carved from the same wood, i.e. aluminum. With the same structure in the foundations of the engine housing, the output varies between 457 and a maximum of 517 hp, depending on the model.

The present M 156 V8 is a 90-degree design developed by AMG for the first time in-house with 6208 cubic centimeters, which premiered in 2006 in the E-Class (W 211).

As a thoroughbred sports engine, the naturally aspirated engine is committed to the high-rev concept. This once prevailed across all brands with the typical racing engine attitude, but is now somewhat humiliated by the spreading turbo trend - even in-house.

AMG has biturbo and naturally aspirated engines

In direct competition with the still young AMG biturbo engine, the outwardly under the same abbreviation - 63 - the vacuum cleaner serves the classic sports engine virtues in its very own, still inspiring way. With a bore times stroke ratio of 102.2 by 94.6 millimeters, two on top Camshafts with variable control and a total of 32 valves - two each for the intake and exhaust tract - the classic naturally aspirated V8 engine has an astonishing horsepower repertoire in addition to the remarkable spectrum of amiable characteristics.

The four different AMG power levels within the Mercedes C-Class series, however, are not only the result of electronic influencing variables. The specifications of the Black Series variant (517 hp) and the new 'Edition 507' (with consequently 507 hp) due for delivery in June benefit, as does the engine tuning in the Performance Package available for sedan, coupé and T-model, from a technology transfer of the very highest quality.

SLS technology for sedans, coupé and T-model

The light ones Forged pistons including connecting rods as well as the weight-optimized crankshaft correspond exactly in their specifications to the components that are also installed in the AMG super sports car SLS.

The associated weight saving of three kilograms in moving parts in the center of the engine helps to reduce inertia reduce and the revving of the large-volume eight-cylinder oneto give an extra kick. The neat, titanium-gray painted variable intake manifold is an unmistakable feature of these more powerful engine variants. The subjectively even more stimulating, higher revving power of the 487 and 517 hp engine versions compared to the basic V8 with 457 hp is also accompanied by a measurably better driving performance of the Mercedes C63 AMG.

Top model is at a disadvantage in the sprint

Even the sprint between the 487 and 517 HP version does not necessarily end in favor of the, contrary to the obvious HP logic nominally stronger. Its wider tires and, above all, the aerodynamics designed for greater downforce or less lift prevent the Black Series version from making the pace in longitudinal dynamics as well.

While the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé with the Performance Package for the sprint up to 200 km /h, which is more relevant in practice, demands 13.7 seconds in the super test, the 517 hp super athlete estimates 13.9 seconds - for the reasons just mentioned.

The 'Edition 507' is therefore the one who will have the say in the longitudinal direction. After all, in terms of aerodynamics and tire technology, it competes with roughly the same systems as the Performance Package-tuned basic coupé - but with 20 hp more power.

With the factory-fitted Conti SportContact 5P in the 18-inch Format, the visually comparatively civilized Supertest Coupé is excellently equipped to impress in everyday life and not to be passed through to the back immediately on the occasional track day. The ride comfort is decent in and of itself because it is quiet and smooth. Alone the spring /damper tuning, which is perceived as heartily firm on a bad road, is an indication of an initially sporty attitude “A bit ahead. The driver's package comes as standard, which includes participation in a driver training course at the AMG Driving Academy and an increase in the top speed to 280 km /h - but not the differential lock. It even has a performance suspension in the surcharge list, which suggests a more comfortable set-up as standard.

The Supertest candidate is the sharpest weapon

To put it in a nutshell: apart from the Black Series model, the coupé with its Performance and Drivers Package and rear axle limited-slip differential is the sharpest weapon among the C models - at least in terms of it on the lateral dynamics. With the additional limited-slip differential, there is traction despite the dull V8 thump acting on the tiresNaturally not a defect.

The fact that no power is lost in the wheelspin of the unloaded wheel when exiting a curve, but rather is used constructively in propulsion, is a double blessing as the locking effect does not reveal any negative behavior. That is not a matter of course.

The limit area of ​​the rear-wheel drive vehicle, which weighs 1,770 kilograms, is characterized by great willingness to form a coalition: Sudden breakout - or even a tendency to counter-attack - are not on the driving program. The transition from adhesion to sliding friction - a phenomenon that often occurs in view of the high speed of the V8, happens remarkably smoothly even and especially when ESP is switched off - even in the opposite case.

The balance is never seriously disturbed despite the compact appearance . Even without a lot of familiarization, every driver feels immediately supple and directly integrated into the overall system - a rare case of a feel-good factor.

That nothing big and expansive around the 'small' V8 Coupé, everything is clear and appears compact, brings him high and lasting sympathy. Only in one case is sustainability not quite as far off as hoped. Despite all efforts - see the high-performance braking system with composite brake discs on the front axle included in the performance package for the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé - extreme loads remain, such as those that arise on the small course in Hockenheim due to the necessary, hard braking maneuvers and the short straights , not without consequences.

Brake cooling is not optimal

The rubbing, which after the endurance test is probably caused by the application of the coating, is With light pedal pressure, the test car remained a little too long to be checked off as temporary and therefore irrelevant. When it comes to brake cooling, there is still some homework to be done. At least the braking power did not decrease. Even on the Nordschleife, with its longer phases to cool down the brakes, the brake hardware did not produce any negative results.

This is confirmed in the super test on the straight line in Hockenheim: For the so-called warm brake, consisting of ten full brakes in direct succession, no 100 km /h, the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé claimed a deceleration rate of 10.9 m /s² at the end of the exercise. When cold it was a slightly worse 10.5 m /s².

This difference only affects the brake components themselves. It cannot be attributed to the tire constitution because the SportContact 5P from Conti - in contrast to the typical representatives of the sports tire group - do not require a warm-up program to spontaneously allow maximum deceleration performance. The latter can also be viewed as a metaphor: It doesn't take a long start-up time to warm up to the Mercedes C63 AMG - especially if it is allowed to compete with a performance package. The fun in typical Mercedes solidity in general and in compactly packaged V8 power in particular literally jumps on within a few seconds.


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