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Mercedes C 63 AMG in the super test: V8 athletes for everyday use

Rossen Gargolov
Mercedes C63 AMG in the super test
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D he most beautiful indication of the suitability of a product is not its distribution, but rather the frequency of its use. But does that mean that a sports car that has square tires in any garage must be completely unsuitable? Or can it possibly also be due to the fact that its owner is no longer willing or - worse still - not able to use the object for its predetermined purpose? Let's agree on the principle: The more often the ignition key is turned, the further and more branched the network of relationships between man and machine develops, and the stronger the bonds of sympathy develop.

Against this background, the somewhat limited conceptual view of things at sport auto could even be seen as counterproductive. Because the more acute the requirement profile we favor for a vehicle, the narrower its area of ​​application. This has the positive aspect that the increasing number of wool-milk sows, which are also increasingly common in the sports segment, is outed. Conversely, let's be honest, some of the dynamic high-flyers turn out to be a rather bulky, rough chunk in everyday use.

AMG with impressive sales success

The sporty Mercedes subsidiary AMG has never ignored this ambivalence - even at the risk of always reaping a sympathetic smile from the ranks of the hardcore faction , when it comes to lateral dynamics - the only valid synonym for sportiness among active sports driving. The reply never publicly expressed by AMG, but possibly intended - 'You might drive faster through the corners, but we will sell more cars for it' - is in fact difficult to parry in view of the successes celebrated in Affalterbach.

Mercedes C63 AMG with high suitability for everyday use

After that, it is basically more satisfying for a larger proportion of customers to hear the blow of a pithy, rumbling eight-cylinder engine several times a day with the turn of the ignition key to be able to experience and not have to chastise yourself on the trip to the fitness center or to kindergarten than to be able to go on a promising hunt for the best time once a year in Hockenheim, but to have to do without any everyday reference. What the sonorityand whose effect on the psyche is concerned, the Mercedes C63 AMG, in line with the company philosophy, is a great man of conviction: You are actually inclined to repeat the starting process. Not because it was necessary, but because of the babbling and rattling deep morning voice that seeks spread from the epicenter of the engine compartment.

The Mercedes V8 arouses emotions

As soon as the first ignition sparks have initiated the combustion in the beer mug-sized combustion chambers of the 6.3-liter unit, the crew of the Mercedes C63 AMG is as if thundered. And by the way, any dispute between the neighbors falls silent because the V8-produced baritone immediately claims the acoustic supremacy. This sound arouses associations: The racing attitude legitimized by the pace car involvement in Formula 1 and the racing involvement in the DTM is a pleasure to be tolerated as a contemporary infected by that bacillus - as long as it does not reduce the desired practicability of the sedan concept and /or the Image transfer does not look cheap or even artificial.

The drive package is a source of joy

As far as the drive of the Mercedes C63 AMG is concerned, so may In any case, the driver appreciates the fortunate position of not only being able to fall back on the same engine principle, but also of having almost as much power under the accelerator as the brand colleagues in the DTM. With 457 hp and 600 Newton meters of torque, a high level of satisfaction is guaranteed under all circumstances. Who would want to dupe a service that is freely offered on the public road - with an acceleration of up to 100 km /h in 4.6 and up to 200 km /h in 14.6 seconds? The drive package consisting of a large-volume V8 engine and a new seven-speed automatic is a source of joy in its pleasant sociability and spontaneous response behavior, apart from the need for higher energy supply. Even twitching the gas foot results in reactions of an acoustic and dynamic nature, which elsewhere only occur in the upper speed range. Such a comprehensive range of services could not be presented more practically. Only when ESP is deactivated and the coefficient of friction is low is the energy behind it, with all its drama, brought before your eyes.

In order to break out the rear of the Mercedes C63 AMG, all that is needed without electronic monitoring is virtually all that is required Thinking about it - it’s going straight to the point. This type of revving is not caused by the chassis, but simply owed to the enormous assertiveness of the drive. The chassis thus plays the role of the vicarious agent, even if in this special case it is granted a much higher share of the overall driving dynamics program than was previously the case.

Mercedes C63 AMG with performance package

The partial turning away from the strict focus on longitudinal dynamics in combination with long-distance driving comfort is currently not only documented in the sporty special models of the ' Black Series 'series, but also in the form of so-called AMG Performance Packages for selected AMG types. Its content - in this case a very grippy sports steering wheel covered with Alcantara, a reinforced brake system on the front axle with high-performance composite discs, a rear axle locking differential and, last but not least, a sports suspension (cost: 4,641 euros) - should be geared towards transverse dynamics Enabling clientele to wipe out a gap that has always weighed heavily on the sensitive AMG psyche.


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