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Mercedes-Benz W210: The Benz without a lobby

Frank Herzog
Mercedes-Benz W210
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E s wasn't love at first sight. I, too, had to gloss over the two-tens for a long time in an argument with friends and have a nice drink in front of the brochures on the weekend in the evening. I recently got the sales brochures for the Mercedes-Benz W210 from eBay. Collected like everyone else before, I no longer have it. For a long time, the 210 meant a major turning point at Mercedes. Four-eyed face, quality problems, indifferent design - reasons enough to ignore it for 15 years.

But after about eight hundred and twenty-four, which I have owned so far, I felt like a new conquest. I worked it out a little and found that you could keep up with the times with the everyday car, especially because of the neighbors and relatives. For them, a 124 is now a cheap, ancient Daimler in loser hands, devoid of any social prestige and still without any lover or even classic status.

People like to verbally beat the 210er

During my contemplative visits to flag retailers, I have often wandered around the Mercedes-Benz 210, preferably the E320 and E420. They were mostly cheap, around 2500 euros, and are lavishly motorized and equipped. A little rust has never bothered me. They had plenty of it, on the door edges, on the wheel arches, around the trunk lock, and fatally, the rust symbolically attacked the stars. In thick bubbles, it undermines the myth of Mercedes quality at these piquant spots, this is where the character assassination begins on the two-decade. He's the poor dog to be beaten up. The 210 is regularly torched in discussions about gasoline with car connoisseurs. 'If you can't buy it, it won't last, rust problems without end, especially on the front axle, tricky electronics, the first disposable Mercedes. In contrast, the C-Class is still gold.'

At first it does The Mercedes-Benz 210 is really not easy for the Mercedes traditionalist, it is mainly due to the four-eyed face. The headlights are not really round, but gawking like Easter eggs, the lenses are not made of glass, but made of plastic. They yellow quickly, which again undermines the quality impression For my first rendezvous, only an early model was considered, one before the major facelift from July 1999, because the real 210 needs the taillights, in which the oval motif of the front section is repeated. First, I was on an E 230, theReasonable model of the series, 150 hp four-valve four-cylinder, Classic version, color silver, automatic. The perfect 210 cliché, often moved by retirees.

An E 420 with S-Class format

But then I discovered a neat Mercedes-Benz E420 for little money on the Internet at the Auto Center Bostan company in Villingen-Schwenningen: four-valve -V8, 279 hp. A little glamor can't hurt the first time, I thought to myself, the great color azurite blue metallic has something mystical depending on the sunlight.

Sales advisor Thorsten Muhr immediately agreed to a detailed test drive. I didn’t accept asking twice and drove the heavy car from the courtyard, grinning happily. It has an S-Class format inside and out, with the W140 they really overdid it.

Leather would still do him good, this Mercedes-Benz E420 with the monster machine and the lavish equipment. And this headrest forest on the back seat looks kind of silly. The fact that the headlights only spray instead of wiping bothers me as much as the lack of an oil pressure gauge. If it always leveled off at 'three' when the engine was warm, nothing could happen to you.

The E 420 gives the sovereign glider

But for the first few kilometers I'm completely with myself in the Mercedes-Benz 210. All controls look familiar and are immediately clear. The five-speed automatic shifts a bit rough at first, and even at operating temperature my 300E-24 is smoother when changing gear. In the 210 forum it is said that the ATF lifetime filling was not a good idea from Mercedes, so wait for the oil change.

On the roads between the Alb and Black Forest, the Mercedes-Benz E420 gives the sovereign glider, even at 80 km /h you can feel the sheer power under the pedal if you step through it slowly, it also shoots forward rapidly in the fifth without a kickdown. We quickly become friends, the 210 and I, he is not stingy with stimuli, the price is part of it. Unfortunately, the rust too - although it only affected harmless parts, the now could still be saved by smart repairs. Next month it will be 15 years old, at which time most 124ers had to struggle with rust.

12 arguments for the W 210

  1. Even the chrome-plated W123 was irrevocably considered the “last real Mercedes” for a long time. The Mercedes-Benz 210 will proudly bear this title in ten years. He also has taxis with over half a million kilometers.
  2. Rost has always been a star. Whether tail fin, Strichacht, 123 or just very early or very late W124. The W210 is not out of place. 'The new one' is no less popular with car exporters.
  3. Mercedes-Benz has been a high-volume brand with high volumes since the 1970s. That is why there are still enough rust-free Mercedes -Benz W210 with few kilometers.
  4. Stylistically, the four-eyed face and thebulbous fenders controversial to this day. Nevertheless, unlike that of its successors, the W210 line is of refined elegance.
  5. The comfort in the interior of the 210 is great. A lush feeling of space, unlike since the tail fin, on the other hand the W124 looks more figure-hugging.
  6. The finish of the last W124 series from August 1993 (water-based paint, cheaper switches, badge grille) is worse than that of the early W210. Large-scale, rusting paint flakes are not uncommon on these cars.
  7. The chassis setup of the W210 with the new, more robust front axle was even more comfortable. The handling also benefits from the precise new rack and pinion steering.
  8. The Mercedes-Benz W210 offers significantly more equipment for the money. In addition, the range of engines has been expanded to include new, low-emission and economical engines (petrol and diesel).
  9. While the W124, a long-established youngtimer on the streets, looks slightly antiquated, the W 210 line impresses with its inconspicuous timelessness. li>
  10. There are already three rare W 210s that are coveted by collectors: E50 and E 55 AMG, the latter also as a T-model. They all have what it takes to make the future
    500 E.
  11. Of course, the Mercedes-Benz 210 still has that cozy, Mercedes-typical welcome home feeling. Instruments and levers have long been familiar. Everything is in the right place.
  12. Finally the 210 has symmetrical exterior mirrors again. The optimized wrong path with the 124 and 201 was abandoned again. Unfortunately, the one-arm wiper stayed until the end.

12. Finally the 210 has symmetrical exterior mirrors again. The optimized wrong path with the 124 and 201 was abandoned again. Unfortunately, the one-arm wiper stayed until the very end.


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