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Mercedes-Benz Museum: History student as an anniversary guest

Mercedes-Benz Museum
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D he 23-year-old history student Lilo Biersl now passed as the four millionth Guest the entrance of the museum, which opened in 2006. Michael Bock, the head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, welcomed the surprised woman from Munich and invited her to take a trip in the world's first car, a replica of the Benz patented motor vehicle.

A quarter of the visitors come from abroad

'Our visitor numbers exceed all expectations', said Michael Bock, 'that we are going to pass the 4 million mark before the end of the anniversary year makes us proud and shows that our range of special exhibitions and Events attracts and convinces visitors from all over the world. ' Around a quarter of the museum visitors come from abroad.

By the way: the four millionth visitor did not use the invention of Carl Benz but the train for her journey. But she will never forget her day with the world's first car and the exhibits in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


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