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R ichard Mott had a dream: him wanted the technology of his Mercedes SL 65 AMG (R230) combined with the look of the legendary Mercedes 190 SL from 1961. With this request, he approached the Californian custom car manufacturer Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. However, Mott had to make two sacrifices for his automotive dream. On the one hand his 65 and on the other hand an original 190 SL.

Mercedes-Bent 190 SL with biturbo V12 instead of four-cylinder

First, the SL 65 AMG was stripped down to the basic structure and then on preparing his new life as a classic car. And because Mott not only loves old cars, but also performance, the six-liter twin-turbo V12 engine was whipped up at Tuner Renntech. Now there should be over 650 hp at the rear wheels, the maximum torque should peak at just under 1,020 Nm.

Because the SL has grown significantly over the years, the 190 SL body had to grow back over to be able to nestle the SL65 AMG chassis. Divided lengthways and crossways, it was widened by 15 centimeters and lengthened in five different places by a total of 20 centimeters. Because numerous original components no longer fit, these - such as the aluminum radiator grille - were milled from solid. The 20-inch light alloy wheels that trace the design of the original hubcaps are also custom-made.

Original parts also in the new interior

In the interior, too, attempts were made to make the modern components of the SL 65 AMG look like the original SL. Numerous control elements were taken directly from the classic. An ensemble of special suitcases fills the trunk. More than 4,000 working hours later, the Mercedes-Bent 190 SL presented itself in the finest custom look at the SEMA tuner show in Las Vegas.

Richard Mott and the guys from Hot Rods & Custom Stuff are silent about the price of the conversion . One thing is certain, however: uniqueness has its price. Because a usable 190 SL donor vehicle alone costs around 30,000 euros, an adequate SL 65 AMG should cost a further 60,000 euros.


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