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Mercedes app for Apple Watch: We have already tested the new companion app

Mercedes app for Apple Watch
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Companion app guides you to the front door

Conversely, the address to a destination can also be entered into the Apple Watch at home and is then taken over by the car navigation when entering the car. With the companion app you can also dictate special destinations ('pizza') and select them via the small touchscreen. The watch then navigates to the car, which is helpful in unfamiliar surroundings. In the vehicle, the navigation destination is transferred to the Comand system without any further action, and the actual route guidance begins. When you arrive at the parking lot, the watch takes over again and guides you to the front door of the desired destination address.

The app for the Apple Watch will be presented at the IAA

A practical test in Sindelfingen showed that the app has a high hit rate and even understands ambiguously expressed goals correctly and controls them directly. The handover between the watch and the car worked within a few seconds, as the mobile hardware connects directly to the car via WLAN, without detours via the Mercedes backend server, which is otherwise used to exchange data with the car.

Mercedes wants to present the app at the IAA in September and bring it to market immediately. Initially, the free app can only be combined with the companion systems in the C and S class, which are subject to a surcharge. Later, the app will also harmonize with the Comand systems of all series. An Android version is being prepared.

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