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Mercedes-AMG Posaidon E63 RS 850+: E-Class with 1,090 PS

Mercedes-AMG Posaidon E63 RS 850+
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W enn the E63 RS 850+ from the The hall of Posaidon is rolling, but you can't tell what's in it, because outwardly the sedan does not differ from the factory E63 brothers.

New turbochargers and a lot more Boost pressure elicits up to 920 hp from the V8. There is even more power with more displacement.

However, if you look under the hood, you will find a biturbo V8 that has it all . As standard, the M157 eight-cylinder in the S version has 585 hp. Tuner Posaidon installs upgrade turbochargers, which, in conjunction with an extended and isolated charge air cooling, put the unit under significantly more pressure than the series charger. In addition, the engine received electronic fine-tuning and a complete 3-inch exhaust system from the turbocharger including sports catalytic converters.

In stages from 920 to 1,090 hp

The result is the E63 RS 850 + 920 PS and a maximum torque of 1,350 Nm, which is limited due to various technical components. But the 7-speed sports transmission also had to be extensively reinforced for this rush of torque. In addition, both the front and rear axles have been given new differential locks, which, unlike the original parts, can withstand torques of up to 1,500 Nm.

However, if 920 PS is still felt to be too weak, then tuner Posaidon can add more. Up to 1,090 hp can be achieved in even more powerful versions of the E63 RS 850+. In order to achieve this, in addition to the modifications already mentioned, the displacement of the V8 is being expanded from 5.5 liters to 6.2 or 6.5 liters.

So the chassiscan keep up with the significant increase in performance, the E63 RS 850+ is lowered, on the front axle by means of springs and at the rear by adjusting the electronics. In the wheel arches Posaidon installed forged wheels from the original AMG range in a ten-spoke design with a polished front: They measure 9x19 inches on the front and 10x20 inches on the rear axle and come with tires of the dimensions 255 /35ZR19 and 295 /25ZR20 In view of the significantly improved performance, Posaidon installed a 380 km /h speedometer in the cockpit of the E63 RS 850+, because at the possible top speed of 350 km /h, the standard speedometer only shows up to 320 km /h is enough, simply overwhelmed.

The high-quality E-Class interior already ex works received further upgrades in the form of a TV activation for the infotainment system and a speed camera update.


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